Thank you for your interest in joining Salendine Nook High School Academy!




Thank you for taking the time to consider a career with us.  Please explore our website to get a full flavour of our school and values.  We are incredibly proud of our school and the work we do to ensure that all of the children who receive their education with us are happy, safe and successful in all areas of their lives.

The care, support and nurture which underpins our school values and aims is also extended to our staff body.  Our leadership team are committed to both supporting career development of every member of staff, whilst ensuring an excellent work – life balance.  We firmly believe that a happy staff body will ensure our students will receive the best education and care possible.  On average our staff body has been with us for 10 years and over three quarters have been with us from between 5 and 20 years; we are very proud of our retention rates, as they reflect our desire to create a happy and strong staff body.

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Meet the Principal

This short video delivered by the Principal, Mr Darren Christian, will give you an overview of our values, facilities and a snapshot of our school.

Meet our students

Everything we do is with the aim of securing the best outcomes for all of our students. In this video some of our students give their views on what it is like to be part of our school community.

Why choose us?

Wherever possible we want to offer as many incentives and rewards as we can to our staff.  It is our strong belief that even the small investments show our staff that we care and value the time and commitment our staff give.

  • Pension
  • Competitive salaries
  • Outerwear for staff undertaking duties
  • Opportunities to earn TOIL (in addition to holiday entitlement)
  • Laptop or device for (teaching staff)
  • Staff swimming and water polo sessions before school
  • Staff football and team sports after school
  • Staff shopping benefits with linked app
  • Staff work room


"I like working at SNHS because of the TLR opportunities available to staff. One of the greatest things I enjoy about working at SNHS are the House competitions. The camaraderie and fun we can have with students outside of the classroom makes the teacher-student bond stronger."

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

"Our school has made rapid progress over the last few years. Expectations of staff and students are high yet perfectly reasonable. The leadership team challenges and supports which drives improvement. In my department, we have made huge changes to our curriculum and made significant investment in equipment and resources, helping us on our journey to deliver a truly first class education. All this being said, there is also a strong sense of getting the work - life balance right from our Leadership Team and this is really important for the sustainability of teachers."

Teacher of D&T, Engineering

"The support from all staff has been incredible since I started working at the school."

Teacher of Mathematics

"I absolutely love every aspect of my job working at Salendine Nook. The science department is a supportive, warm and inclusive environment and the students always brighten my day."

Teacher of Science

"I cannot recommend SNHS enough. I have been a teacher for nearly 20 years and moved to SNHS two years ago. I have been met with a really supportive staff body, and an approachable and encouraging SLT group. The schools is keen to improve practice and has an excellent teaching and learning team. One of the most outstanding features is the careful way that work life balance is protected, and any additional teaching or revision is always well rewarded and not expected of the staff. Moving here is one of the best career decisions I have ever made."

Teacher of Business & IT

"From my very first day working at SNHS, I have found the school to be warm and welcoming. I think what makes this school stand out to me, is that leadership always make time to listen. They are supportive and understanding whilst being fair. Our students are amazing young people and it is an absolute pleasure to teach and work with them. They are down to earth, kind and respectful and teach me something everyday. I feel very lucky to work with such a brilliant department of staff in English. Having a shared vision and goal, together with a lot of laughter and fun, makes my job much easier. SNHS really is a special place to work."

Teacher of English

"I arrived at Salendine Nook as my third school in twenty eight years of teaching. I can confidently say that I am currently enjoying teaching as much as at any point in my career, probably because my experience and knowledge is valued. The school has a clear and straightforward vision, is led with honesty and clarity and, significantly, the students are welcoming and positive. I can wholeheartedly recommend Salendine Nook as a rewarding and revitalising place to teach."

Teacher of English

"Right from the very top the welfare and the best interests of our students are complete priority. I have every opportunity and backing to provide this service for the students, their families and the community within my role which gives me great job satisfaction and the chance to use my professional skillset."

Member of Pastoral Team

"I'm always proud to tell friends how happy I am working here. Management support and inspire me on a daily basis, and the staff are so friendly and sociable. I came here as a teaching assistant in Maths to tide me over during the transitional stage after University. The school has since offered to assit with my AAT accountancy qualification along side my current role as Finance Assistant. I also co-ordinate all school trips and manage the school website. The opportunities offered and relationships made here are the reason I'm still here after 10 years."

Member of Support Team

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Caring for our staff and their wellbeing

This is led by the staff body and there is a wellbeing committee which meets regularly and feeds ideas and issues back to the senior leadership team on a termly basis.
The staff body have led on a raffle which is run each Monday.  Please see the booklet for more details on this.

Teaching staff Support & Progression

For career development and progression, please refer to the booklet.  This outlines our commitment to our teaching staff and opportunities to progress your development no matter what your stage of teaching.