School Assemblies

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
During Registration
8:45 - 9:10am
Year 7 Year 10 Year 11 Year 9 Year 8

N.B. Pupils are expected to be seated in the Salendine Hall for main assembly ready to start by 8:45am at the very latest.
Appropriate arrangements will be made for any pupils who do not attend Assemblies.

The School Day

The school operates a two week 25 period timetable with five periods per day. There is a registration at 8.45am followed by three periods in the morning session and two periods in the afternoon session. Break is after Period 2 from 11.10am to 11.25am and lunch is between 12.25pm and 1.10pm. Year assemblies take place once a week.

Bells are rung throughout the day.

Session / Period Time
Warning Bell 8:40am
School Registration 8:45 – 9:10am
Period 1 Start 9:10am
Period 2 Start 10:10am
Break Bell 11:10am
Warning Bell 11:22am
Period 3 Start 11:25am
Lunch 12:25am
Warning Bell 1:05pm
Period 4 Start 1:10pm
Period 5 Start 2:10pm
End of Lessons 3:10pm

Times correct as of November 2018. If you require further information on Bus times, you may wish to visit:

To School
(370) 08:03 from Westgate, arrives Salendine Nook 08:15
(370) 08:24 from Westgate, arrives Salendine Nook 08:36
(537) 08:20 from Stand L, Huddersfield Bus Station, arrives Salendine Nook 08:30
(537) 07:52 from Outlane, arrives Salendine Nook 07:59

From School
(371) 15:15 from New Hey Road, arrives Westgate 15:28
(371) 15:35 from New Hey Road, arrives Westgate 15:48
(K75) 15:20 from Campus, arrives Huddersfield Bus Station 15:34

Birchencliffe to Salendine Nook
(S48) 08:10 from BMI Huddersfield Hospital, arrives Campus 08:30

Salendine Nook to Birchencliffe
(S48) 15:20 from Campus, arrives BMI Huddersfield Hospital 15:40

Term Dates

Please see below for term dates for the 2018/19 academic year and 2019/20. We aim to keep you as up-to-date as possible with term dates so as you can plan family holidays outside term time. This is important so that it does not negatively affect outcomes for children by missing out on school time.

A full calendar of events can be viewed by downloading our My Ed App for iOS and Android.

Term Dates 2019/2020

Autumn Term 2019

First day: Tuesday 3rd September
Half Term: Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November inclusive
Last Day: Friday 20th December

Spring Term 2020

First Day: Monday 6th January
Half Term: Monday 17th February to Friday 21st February inclusive
Last Day: Friday 3rd April

Summer Term 2020

First Day: Monday 20th April
Half Term: Monday 25th May to Friday 29th May inclusive
Last Day: Friday 17th July

Open Evening Thursday 3rd October (school closes at 1:15pm after registration)

INSET / Staff Training / Pupil Holidays

Monday 2nd September 2019
Friday 4th October 2019
Friday 22nd November 2019
Monday 20th July 2020

Bank Holidays

Christmas Day Wednesday 25th December 2019
Boxing Day Thursday 26th December 2019
New Years Day Wednesday 1st January 2020
Good Friday Friday 10th April 2020
Easter Monday Monday 13th April 2020
May Day Friday 8th May 2020
Spring Bank Holiday Monday 25th May 2020
August Bank Holiday Monday 31st August 2020
Term Dates 2020/2021

Autumn Term 2020

First day: Wednesday 9th September
Half Term: Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October inclusive
Last Day: Friday 18th December

Spring Term 2021

First Day: Tuesday 5th January
Half Term: Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February inclusive
Last Day: Friday 26th March

Summer Term 2021

First Day: Monday 12th April
Half Term: Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June inclusive
Last Day: Friday 23rd July

Open Evening Thursday 1st October 2020 (school closes at 1:10pm after registration)

INSET / Staff Training / Pupil Holidays

Monday 7th September 2020
Tuesday 8th September 2020
Friday 20th November 2020
Monday 4th January 2021
Monday 26th July 2021

Bank Holidays

Christmas Day Friday 25th December 2020
Boxing Day Saturday 26th December 2020
New Years Day Friday 1st January 2021
Good Friday Friday 2nd April 2021
Easter Monday Monday 5th April 2021
May Day Monday 3rd May 2021
Spring Bank Holiday Monday 31st May 2021
August Bank Holiday Monday 30th August 2021
Leave of Absence

As a parent, you have a legal responsibility to ensure your child’s attendance at school. We are only able to authorise absence from school in exceptional circumstances. In making a request for a leave of absence you will need to explain why the circumstances are exceptional. You must also make your application as far in advance as possible, ideally four weeks before the planned absence.