Meet the Team

Mr. Danny Fearon
Director of Student Support
(Head of Year 9)

Many Children go through times when they find it difficult to handle their emotions and this can be seen in school in different ways, such as anger and frustration. You will find myself and the rest of the team at The Student Support Centre, where we focus on supporting children to find ways of dealing with their emotions, friendship and relationships with staff.

I started work at SNHS in 2010. My work supporting behaviour across all year groups soon developed into the role of Inclusion Manager, and in 2018 I was appointed Director Of Pupil Support.  My main responsibilities include the promotion of good behaviour and supporting our young people’s social and emotional needs.  Our team promotes a consistent approach to positive behaviour and we encourage all students to make the most of their education We are incredibly proud to hear of their success.

Mr. G Lamont
Student Support Manager Y7

Miss N Caine
Student Support Manager Y8

Mr. Stephen Passmore
Student Support Manager Y9

Mr. Richard Gorton
Student Support Manager Y10

Mr. Dave Moroney
Student Support Manager Y11