Payments, withdrawals and refunds


To ensure the viability of school trips, you must make payments in line with the payment schedule provided for each trip. The schedule is designed around payments the school must make to the tour operator/venues/transport companies, etc so late payments could force the school to miss payments, putting the trip at risk. If for any reason you cannot make a payment, you must get in touch by either ringing the school on 01484 657541 or emailing either the trip leader or Helen Gardner (ParentPay) at  We understand that circumstances can change, but it is your responsibility to contact us if you cannot follow the payment schedule.

Withdrawals & Refunds

If you need to withdraw your child from a trip, school will attempt to find your child a replacement in the first instance. If we succeed you will receive the following:

  • Full refund minus 1.53% of what you have paid, in non-refundable ParentPay fees (£1.53 for every £100 paid).
  • You will receive this refund once your child’s replacement has made all up to date due payments.

If no replacement student is available, you will:

  • be charged a cancellation fee in line with the tour providers Terms and Conditions. Please email if you wish to see a copy of these.
  • lose 1.53% of the total you have paid, in non-refundable ParentPay fees (£1.53 for every £100 paid)

Where we organise the trip ourselves, eg Theatre Trips, and where we cannot find your child a replacement, the school will decide on a case by case basis as to what, if any, refund can be processed. This will depend heavily on the proximity to the departure date and the impact of set costs within the trip that will be impacted by students dropping out.

Refunds will be made, where possible, through ParentPay where they will arrive in your Parent Account on ParentPay. For instructions on how to withdraw the refund back to your card, please click here. If you are having problems with this process, please read our list of common queries regarding ParentPay refunds. If these don't help then please get in touch at Any part payment made over 2 years ago will be refunded via cheque.

Financial Support

For some trips, you can request financial support by completing the below form. The deadline by which you must submit your request is as follows:

  • If you have received a letter of Interest, the deadline for applying for financial support and providing an expression of interest is the same. For example, if the letter says you must express interest by 05/02/23, then you must also submit your request for financial support by 05/02/23.
  • If no letter of interest is needed, for example if there is no limit on numbers or if the cost is not highly dependent on numbers, we will ask you for payment instead of an expression of interest. If this is the case, then the deadline for applying for financial support is the same as the first payment deadline, which will be stated on the letter.

Once the deadline has passed and all requests are in, only then will we be able to calculate the amount of support we can offer. Therefore, we will be back in touch shortly after the deadline to confirm the amount of financial assistance we can offer and you can then decide if this makes the trip financially viable for you.

Request Financial Support

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