School SEN Offer

Welcome to Salendine Nook High School Academy's Additional Needs page. We enter a new era with introduction of the Children's Act 2014.

We want your child to do well and enjoy their time at school but understand that children sometimes need extra help.  We provide first class support to some 150 pupils on our database and want them to be fully involved in the life of Salendine Nook High .

"Everyone at Salendine Nook shares the same ambition for high quality support and outcomes for students with SEND, and everyone is clear what their role is in achieving this."

This section of the website lets you know what we can offer your child.  We work very hard to support children in different ways.  We have a learning Support Team who focus on children who need help with their English, Maths and other learning issues and a Pupil Support Team who focus on children who might need help with friendships and behaviour. Sometimes both teams are involved in helping a child.

  • As parents and carers you can expect the Additional Needs Team to listen to points you raise and worries about your child.
  • Regular meetings, how often you attend will depend on how much help your child needs.
  • An Additional Needs Plan if they need one, which will show what their needs are and how they can be addressed.
  • Speak with you in Reception if the need is urgent, offering a further appointment.
  • Monitor and track how your child is doing and feed this back, via the Form/Head of Year.
  • Provide a telephone or email based consultation in response to the instance of enquiry, to provide strategies to support in the short-term
  • Be available at parent evenings by appointment, to allow staff to gather data, possible strategies and overview of the current position before the appointment.



"I enjoy Foundation as it is in small groups with more 1-1 attention. I felt safe and there was less noise so i could concentrate."

"No one gets angry with me"

"It's the best way, talking and taking time to understand..."

"I feel I fit in there"

"Small groups mean work can be broken down for me"

"Helping me inside and outside of school"

"I have somewhere to go"

"They help me to be more independent in class too"

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