Welcome to Safeguarding

Here at Salendine Nook our dedicated team works to protect children from abuse or neglect. We also aim to make sure that children are supported to have full and happy lives.

We work very closely with the pastoral team on a day to day basis to support individual children with any worries or concerns and look at how best to provide that support for the child.

Meet us below, where you can find out more about us and how to contact us.

Sam Johnson

Designated Safeguarding Lead

I have been teaching since 1999 & have always been part of the pastoral team.  I strongly believe that strong pastoral care is essential to ensure that students are able to thrive academically, socially & emotionally.  Safeguarding all students is vital and all staff are responsible for this regardless of their role in school.

Simone Wilson

Safeguarding Officer

I joined SNHS in January 2016 following 17 years’ experience of working in both adult & children social care.  I am passionate about ensuring that all children are safe & protected.  Being an advocate for children is a key responsibility.