Useful Information

Practical exams and Speaking Tests
These will be held in specialist rooms/buildings.  Details of venues and times will be published well in advance.

Written Examinations
Will normally be held in the Sports Hall, or other venues as published.  It is your responsibility to be at the correct venue, on time, for each exam.

Our normal start times are:
morning exams - 9:00 am
afternoon exams - 1.30 pm

Summary of Examination Regulation

  • If you miss an exam, you CANNOT take it at a different time. So keep your timetable safe. You will be given a final timetable later that will include rooms and seat numbers.
  • Unauthorised materials MAY NOT be taken into examination rooms. Bring only the basic equipment you need for each exam.
  • Basic equipment: black ink pen (NO OTHER COLOUR ALLOWED); ruler; HB pencil (only for diagrams and computer forms); rubber.
  • Pencil must not be used for written answers. If you want to use a pencil-case, it must be completely see-through.
  • Gel pens, correcting pens and correction fluid, such as Tippex, are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Mathematical instruments are needed for relevant examinations.
  • Calculators may be used in certain exams only – you must know which ones!

You must NOT take calculator lids, instructions for using your calculator or calculator formulae into an exam room.

  • Latecomers may be admitted into an examination if there is a genuine reason, but it WILL be reported to the exam board. Be warned that the exam board has the right to refuse your script.
  • If you are taken ill during an examination, or miss one through illness, please provide a doctor’s medical certificate as soon as possible, so that we may ask the board for special consideration on your behalf.
  • You are all reminded again that mobile phones, smart watches, MP3 players and all other electronic devices must not be on your person. If you choose to take them into an exam room, they must be completely switched off and in your bag.  You risk being disqualified not only from the exam in progress, but from all your other exams, too. The exam boards will accept NO EXCUSES.
  • If you choose to wear a watch (NOT a smart watch) into an exam, you will be asked to removed it and place it on your desk for the duration of the exam.
  • Examinations start when you enter the room and end when the last exam paper has been collected and you are dismissed. You must not do anything between those times to communicate with another candidate or to cause any kind of disturbance in the room.
  • If you have two exams timetabled at the same time, special arrangements will be made, which will probably involve supervised separation from other candidates in order to preserve exam security.
  • You must read and follow all the instructions printed on the front of question papers
  • It is your responsibility to comply with examination regulations – breaking them through ignorance is not an excuse!


Examination Information for Candidates