"That’s what Hermione does," said Ron, shrugging. "When in doubt, go to the library."
J.K Rowling, Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Mrs Butcher

The newly renovated Learning Resource Centre [LRC] now houses a large, up to date collection of fiction and non-fiction reading material. This is updated termly with students being able to request books and top reads being promoted during lessons on a bimonthly basis.  The LRC is open for students to use before school, during lunch, and after school.

The LRC is a quiet space for students to exchange books, complete homework and to take part in the various clubs that are taking place.

If students or parents have any queries surrounding the use of the LRC please get in touch.

Sora eBook collection for all students

Students are encouraged to borrow a range of books and explore different genres and topics to help encourage this the LRC has dramatically updated its physical book collection, as well as this we have also invested in an eBook subscription that all students can enjoy.

Hundreds of eBooks are available for students to borrow and read digitally on computers, phones and tablets. There is also a range of audio books that students can borrow.

Please follow the link below to access your student Sora account. Students can login using their school network username and password.

Using Sora for the first time? Click the button below for help!

Any queries please see Mrs Butcher in the LRC.

Getting started with Sora

Overdue Book Procedure

To help ensure all students can use the facilities fairly the LRC loans books for a period of two weeks. After two weeks students must renew them or return them to the LRC and choose a new book.

If books are not returned / renewed the procedure below will begin.

Week 1 - You will receive a reminder during form.
Week 2 – A text message / Email will be sent home.
Week 3- A c1 will be issued on your behaviour record. (Misuse of equipment).
Week 4 – A c2 will be issued (Further issue following a C1).
Week 5- HOY’S will intervene to chase books at home.
Week 6 - The book will be deemed “lost” payment or a suitable donation will be requested.

This ensures that all students will have equal access to the resources available and also shows students that they must be responsible when borrowing resources from the LRC.

Virtual Bookshelf and top reads

Please browse the virtual bookshelf below to find brand new reads that are available in the LRC. Students can read samples and full copies of the books digitally through Sora, physical books are also available in the LRC. Students can also submit recommendations for the LRC to purchase by submitting these on the last slide. This will be updated each half term with the newest titles!

Virtual Bookshelf

Sally Nook Times

Please read the latest edition of the Sally Nook Times for all the latest school news. If students would like to join the newspaper club please pop into the LRC to sign up.

Sept Edition
July Edition


Please see the LRC timetable attached for details about which clubs you can join in the LRC. Please note this will be updated shortly for September.

LRC Timetable
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