School Policies

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TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
Academy Financial Manual Sep21808.19 KB9615-10-2021 DownloadPreview
Admission Policy 2023-24 Sept22293.88 KB3103-07-2023 DownloadPreview
Admission Policy 2024-25 May23394.33 KB2103-07-2023 DownloadPreview
Anti-Bullying Guidance Jun22177.52 KB6630-06-2022 DownloadPreview
Appeals against Internal Assessed Marks Oct22114.22 KB2808-11-2022 DownloadPreview
Attendance Policy Jun22167.07 KB12804-09-2022 DownloadPreview
BTEC Appeals Policy Feb23193.04 KB2923-03-2023 DownloadPreview
BTEC Assessment Malpractice Policy Feb23179.96 KB2627-03-2023 DownloadPreview
BTEC Assessment Policy Feb23186.28 KB1923-03-2023 DownloadPreview
BTEC Blended Learning Policy Jul23160.34 KB904-09-2023 DownloadPreview
BTEC Internal Verification Policy Jul23190.26 KB804-09-2023 DownloadPreview
BTEC Registration and Certification Policy Jul23152.08 KB904-09-2023 DownloadPreview
Behaviour Policy Jun23569.84 KB3503-07-2023 DownloadPreview
Bereavement Policy May23142.93 KB1704-09-2023 DownloadPreview
Biometric Data Policy Jun23122.92 KB1019-07-2023 DownloadPreview
CACHE NCFE Appeals Policy May23162.15 KB804-09-2023 DownloadPreview
CACHE NCFE Assessment Strategy Policy May23147.21 KB804-09-2023 DownloadPreview
CACHE NCFE Blended Learning Policy Policy May23148.75 KB904-09-2023 DownloadPreview
CACHE NCFE Conflicts of Interest Policy May23141.55 KB1204-09-2023 DownloadPreview
CACHE NCFE Live Exam Materials Policy Jan23124.07 KB2615-03-2023 DownloadPreview
CACHE NCFE Recognition of Prior Learning Policy May23189.78 KB904-09-2023 DownloadPreview
CACHE NCFE Staff Development and Training Policy May23149.76 KB604-09-2023 DownloadPreview
CACHE NCFE Vocational Courses Assessment Malpractice and Plagiarism Policy May23175.80 KB804-09-2023 DownloadPreview
CACHE NCFE Withdrawal of Learner and Product Policy Jan23129.55 KB3415-03-2023 DownloadPreview
Careers Policy Nov22191.78 KB3506-01-2023 DownloadPreview
Charging Remissions Policy Nov22177.74 KB3312-12-2022 DownloadPreview
Children with health needs who cannot attend school Nov22109.28 KB2906-01-2023 DownloadPreview
Complaints Policy Jul22349.08 KB7216-09-2022 DownloadPreview
Confidentiality Policy Jan21160.54 KB10912-02-2021 DownloadPreview
Data Protection Policy Nov22378.82 KB1904-05-2023 DownloadPreview
Designated Teacher Policy LAC and Previously LAC Jan23153.31 KB2121-03-2023 DownloadPreview
Disability Accessiblity Plan Sep22133.20 KB5228-09-2022 DownloadPreview
Disability Policy (Exams) May23223.63 KB1503-07-2023 DownloadPreview
Disclosure Barring Policy Apr21158.37 KB20428-04-2021 DownloadPreview
Drugs Policy Jun22154.68 KB8104-02-2022 DownloadPreview
ECT Policy Jun23132.02 KB1619-07-2023 DownloadPreview
Equality Audit Apr19134.57 KB13026-09-2019 DownloadPreview
Equality Policy Nov21106.27 KB5813-10-2022 DownloadPreview
Equality Statement SNHS Nov20164.09 KB11519-07-2021 DownloadPreview
Exclusion Policy Nov22123.97 KB3325-11-2022 DownloadPreview
Fire Safety Policy May22375.17 KB5624-06-2022 DownloadPreview
Governor Expenses Policy Sep22186.39 KB3307-10-2022 DownloadPreview
Health & Safety Policy Sep22237.82 KB4507-10-2022 DownloadPreview
Management of Outdoor Education, Visits and Offsite Activities Nov22177.25 KB2625-11-2022 DownloadPreview
Managing Difficult Adults Policy Jun21120.05 KB10919-07-2021 DownloadPreview
Managing Violent Abusive Behaviour Policy Jun21142.64 KB11919-07-2021 DownloadPreview
Marking Policy Jan18303.81 KB14628-03-2019 DownloadPreview
Mental Health Policy Jan23146.89 KB3609-03-2023 DownloadPreview
Mobile Phones Procedure May 23220.51 KB1004-09-2023 DownloadPreview
NQT Policy Jul21148.08 KB12006-09-2021 DownloadPreview
Privacy Notice Sept23194.54 KB727-09-2023 DownloadPreview
Provider Access Policy Jan23174.72 KB1928-03-2023 DownloadPreview
Publication Scheme Jul22160.38 KB3804-09-2022 DownloadPreview
Relationship Sexual Health Education Jan23238.99 KB3509-03-2023 DownloadPreview
Responsible Use of ICT and the Internet Dec21192.39 KB7807-01-2022 DownloadPreview
Retention Policy Sep2058.58 KB10910-10-2020 DownloadPreview
SEN Policy and Information Report Sep22230.83 KB8614-10-2022 DownloadPreview
Safe Practice in PE May18275.28 KB100427-03-2019 DownloadPreview
Safeguarding Child Protection Policy Sept221.11 MB11020-10-2022 DownloadPreview
Safer Recruitment Policy Nov22103.36 KB2502-02-2023 DownloadPreview
School safeguarding policy - COVID19 Addendum Nov20259.28 KB17418-12-2020 DownloadPreview
Site Traffic Management Plan Nov22386.78 KB3503-01-2023 DownloadPreview
Subject Access Request Policy Dec22256.76 KB3603-01-2023 DownloadPreview
Suicide Response Plan Jun21223.61 KB2529-03-2023 DownloadPreview
Supporting-Students-with-Medical-Conditions Jul23398.63 KB1719-07-2023 DownloadPreview
Transgender Policy Jan22198.07 KB10110-02-2022 DownloadPreview
Uniform Policy 23.244.65 MB5826-07-2023 DownloadPreview
Whistleblowing Policy Sep22120.50 KB4507-10-2022 DownloadPreview
Work Placement Policy May22134.15 KB8919-05-2022 DownloadPreview