Inclusion for all; it is the cornerstone of all we do at SNHS
We believe that supporting young people with SEND is everyone’s responsibility. This philosophy acts as a compass to guide us all on the next steps we take together towards our common, shared goal:


Meet the core SEND team

Mrs. S Hampshaw

Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mrs. A Quinlan

HLTA (Staff Manager)

Miss. R Cartledge

Teacher (Transition Co-ordinator)

Mrs. D Isma


Educational Teaching Assistants

The ETA's work with different groups of children and deal with any needs in the classroom.

Miss D Ali Miss A Anwar Mrs R Anwar
Miss J Cleary Miss C English Miss Z Jackson
Miss R Manderson Mr H Osborne Ms A Saira
Ms J Sebastian Miss S Whitford

Information for Parents of Current Students

To help you understand how SEND works in our school to support students, we have created this parent/carer friendly guide. If you do require more information on how our offer works, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our core team.

Information for Parents of Prospective Students

If your child has an additional need and you are considering our setting for their secondary school education, please have a read of the brochure; it will give you a flavour of our setting and what our SEND Department can offer.  If you have any questions, which are not answered in the document, please contact our SENCO Mrs S Hampshaw at

Transition Information

How to alert us to your child's needs

We believe all our students should have access to the full breadth of our curriculum, but we recognise that some students may struggle and need support or adaptations to help them learn effectively.  We encourage all our staff to recognise students' issues in the classroom, which prevent them from making good progress and we ask that they make a referral to our team, if needed.  However, we also understand that some issues or needs will be identified by parents and we would encourage you to use the form below to inform us of anything you have noticed, which may impede learning.

Please use the form below to inform us of any issues you have become aware of.  The form will ask you for basic details, how you have become aware of the issue and how it presents in your child and the final part of the form asks you how you think we could support your child with the issue, or what actions we may need to take.  A member of our SEN team will be in contact with you within 48 working hours.

SEN Parental Referral

Working together to share success

The Child

What role does the child have ?

  • They must attend school and lessons.
  • They must actively help themselves and engage with any actions or interventions agreed to support their education and learning.
  • If they feel the support is not working they should voice their concerns to their key worker in school.
  • They should always try their best in every lesson.
  • Be polite to staff.
  • Be kind to other students.

The Parent

What role do parents have?

  • Ensure their child attends school; it is very hard to support children who are not in school.
  • maintain good communication with school, but recognise that this should not be too lengthy or time consuming. This is what they review system is for.
  • Have realistic expectations of what additional support school can provide.
  • Be prepared to seek specialist support outside of school for medical and mental health conditions and provide school with information in a timely manner.
  • For issues, please use the line management system (SENDCO, Senior Vice Principal, Principal)


Our school agrees to:

  • Adhere by timelines outlined in this booklet and legal timeframes around EHCPs.
  • Provide students with an ambitious curriculum.
  • Offer support, advice and guidance around supporting students with their learning.
  • Communicate with parents/carers with the 48 hour agreed response time.
  • Undertake any agreed actions to support students on learning plans.

If you would like to get in touch with senior staff responsible for Special Educational Needs please speak with Jenny Hornsby, our Vice Principal, at