Mrs. S Hampshaw

Co-ordinator (SENCO)


This team is managed by Mrs. S Hampshaw, SENCO who is the person you should contact if your child has any difficulty with learning. She teaches and also works with staff to make sure your child receives the right education and is happy across school. Mrs Hampshaw meets regularly with primary schools so knows about children who need some extra help before they arrive at Salendine Nook.

The Learning Support Team prides itself on being a champion for pupils with additional needs, whatever these may be. The team make sure that any reasonable adjustments are made for children with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Additional Needs

When appropriate, a statutory assessment may be carried out by the LA which may result in a student being given an Education, Health and Care Plan. However, the needs of most students will be met without such an assessment having to be made. Specialist provision available may include small group work, individual programmes and extra support in lessons, along with regular monitoring and reviewing of progress made.

The school has an established framework both in the Additional Needs Department and in the Student Support Centre which enables us to access and then identify students with learning issues. This allows us to put the appropriate strategies in place to deal with these potential barriers to learning.

How to alert us to your child's needs

We believe all our students should have access to the full breadth of our curriculum, but we recognise that some students may struggle and need support or adaptations to help them learn effectively.  We encourage all our staff to recognise students' issues in the classroom, which prevent them from making good progress and we ask that they make a referral to our team, if needed.  However, we also understand that some issues or needs will be identified by parents and we would encourage you to use the form below to inform us of anything you have noticed, which may impede learning.

Please use the form below to inform us of any issues you have become aware of.  The form will ask you for basic details, how you have become aware of the issue and how it presents in your child and the final part of the form asks you how you think we could support your child with the issue, or what actions we may need to take.  A member of our SEN team will be in contact with you within 48 working hours.

SEN Parental Referral

Meet the Team

Mrs. A Quinlan

HLTA (Staff Manager)

Miss. R Cartledge

Teacher (Transition Co-ordinator)

Mr. R Plunkett


Mrs. A O'Dowd


Intervention Support

The ETA's work with different groups of children and deal with any needs in the classroom.

Miss D Ali Miss A Anwar Mrs R Anwar
Miss E Bellwood Miss R Corns Miss M Chatfield
Miss E Handy Miss L Hatfield Miss D Isma
Miss Z Jackson Miss H Lambert (DT) Ms A McMahon
Mrs A O'Dowd (HLTA) Mr R Plunkett (HLTA) Miss L Priestley
Ms A Saira Mrs H Taylor

Everyone at Salendine Nook shares the same ambition for high quality support and outcomes for students with SEND, and everyone is clear what their role is in achieving this.

If you would like to get in touch with senior staff responsible for Special Educational Needs please speak with either Jenny Hornsby, our Vice Principal, at