Splendid Productions Theatre Company Visit

In Drama, Homepage News by Salendine Nook

Year 10 and 11 GCSE Drama students had a fantastic time working with Grace from Splendid Productions theatre company. The students were looking at the skills of Brecht and applying them in practice to the play Metamorphosis. The students were all in awe with Grace the company practitioner who plays one of the lead roles, Grete, in Metamorphosis; the play that they have studied for their exam. Throughout the workshop students explored how to create a character in the style of Brecht through their overexaggerated characteristics and making the audience believe their unseen attributes. Additionally, developing their physical theatre skills bringing inanimate objects to life, like the wardrobe and the alarm clock; it certainly was an ‘annoying-ly’ difficult task, but they all rose to the challenge and were complemented highly by the theatre company. Hopefully this will help them to better understand and analyse their exam work.