Rotary Technology Tournament April 21st 2023

In Homepage News by Salendine Nook

The annual Rotary Technology Tournament was hosted by Greenhead College this year. Eight of our students, from the Engineering Club took part, split into two teams.

Team One: Tim Spencer, Daniel Smith, Iwan Gibson, Will Peacock.

Team Two: James Palmer, Lara Exley, Imogen York, Oshini Chanaya Ramanayake.

The task was to create a vehicle which could travel along a string, fixed at both ends (imagine a tight rope). The vehicle was to be powered by a small motor, as well as using a pulley system.

Each group were marked on their portfolio work, showing their designs and thinking. They were also marked on how well they worked as a team, and of course, how well their vehicle travelled along the string.

Several Kirklees schools and colleges took part, split into three categories; key stage 3, key stage 4 and key stage 5. The room was a hive of activity, with lots of designing, team work and problem solving going on.

In the afternoon, the mayor of Kirklees came around for a chat, and gave a speech. The principal of Greenhead also gave a presentation.

Unfortunately, neither of our teams won this year but they had a fun day and represented our school brilliantly. They will now work on the task in Engineering Club, looking at what improvements can be made, and improve their skills further.