Year 7 Catch-up

Year 7 Catch-up group

Priorities Identified September 2016

2016-17 Target to be 75% for pupils to make the same progress indicators, or better, than in 2015-16. Catch-Up pupils were identified as those who were NS or 'not achieving the standard' as set by DfE, in 2 of the formally assessed skill sets (GVPS, reading or maths). Baseline assessments completed in all subjects in autumn term: cross-checked against KS2 results. SPaG attainment to be scrutinised and a specific SPaG Baseline to be delivered via NFER: reassessed at the end of the year and the start of Y8, to highlight any dips in skill sets.


Priorities Identified September 2016

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  1. Students monitored through school intervention tracker with all relevant test data and intervention logged.
  2. HLTAs appointed to work alongside our SENCo to focus on the nurture and development of literacy and numeracy skills.
  3. An intervention timetable has been integrated into our Foundation Learning programme, alongside History, Geog, RE and PSHCE being delivered in small groups to identified pupils. Literacy/numeracy, speech/language needs and social/emotional support are also embedded into our Foundation Learning programme.
  4. Schemes of work are planned in consultation with specialist subjects staff, who guide and support on mainstream resources that are being used by Y7, which can be adapted for the Foundation Learning groups: regular meetings take place throughout the school year for planning, reviewing progress and prep for Y8 transition into mainstream larger classes.


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1. 2015-16 target was successfully met with 71% of pupils achieving the expected standard, equivalent to the previous benchmark of national curriculum level 4.

The target for 2016-17 has been set @ 75% of pupils to achieve the expected standard. This will no longer be formally assessed by DfE but school-based assessments will be completed to validate the percentage of pupils who have made progress.

The current target for 75% of Y7 ‘catch-up’ pupils to be at the expected skill level for their chronological age, will also focus on the literacy and numeracy skills needed towards Y8. Current Y7 ‘catch-up’ pupils are developing and securing their skills, moving towards being ready to have targets of grade 1 and grade 2 on the new scale.
Pupils in ‘catch-up’ display increased confidence and improved emotional resilience: difficult to measure but pupil feedback includes comments like:



2. Pupils in ‘catch-up’ were identified as having 'not achieved the standard' as set by DfE, in 2 of the formally assessed skill sets (GVPS, reading or maths).

3. SPaG baseline has been delivered via NFER reading and Vernon spelling assessments completed July 2016: 8% of pupils will need to be reassessed by the end of the year.



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Numeracy Catch-Up intervention shows an average of 2.5 sub-levels improvement from 7.1 Baseline Entry data. This work was from Sept 2014-July 2 Literacy/phonics Catch-Up interventions show an average of 1.8 sub-levels improvement from Baseline Entry data.

Target of 60% has been met with 60% pupils who were eligible for Catch-Up making at least 1 year progress in reading/spelling, 2 sub-levels of progress in literacy skills and 2.5 sub-levels of progress in mathematical skills.

6 months is a good rate of progress nationally for reading age and therefore for 60 % to have made 1 year considering their starting points is outstanding.

Attendance and home factors have negatively impacted on progress for a small number of students. Written work evidence is available to show huge improvements in literacy skills.

Y8 students who were ‘catch-up’ last year have gone on to make excellent progress with reading skills this year. Their skills of understanding verbal instructions have improved significantly due to very sound improvements in de-coding established during the sessions in Y7. Several students have made between 2 and 5 years reading age improvement since they were tested at the end of Y7 at the end of their catch-up sessions.



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