Year 9 Internal Examinations 2013

Date Exam Morning Exam Afternoon
Report at Room Report at Room
Mon 29 April No exam No exam
Tues 30 April French Listening 8.55 Sal Hall Business Studies 2.00 Sal Hall HWR
German Listening 9.30
Spanish   Listening 10.10
Wed 01 May English 8.55 Sal Hall High Hall HWR Mathematics 1.20 Sal Hall High Hall HWR
Pupils will need to report to the appropriate venue at the times shown above and line up in teaching groups. They will be seated in teaching groups and will be directed to the appropriate part of the hall when they arrive – seat numbers will not be issued in advance.

Room allocations:

All MFL: Salendine Hall

Business Studies: Salendine Hall

English and Maths Band a: Salendine Hall

English and Maths Band b: High Hall

Pupils with access arrangements should be told to report to the High Work Room.

Morning Exams: For morning exams pupils MUST go to Registration. Pupils need to report to the room shown at least 10 minutes before the start time. For Language Listening tests you need to be in the Salendine entrance hall 10 minutes before your start time.

Afternoon Exams: When pupils have an afternoon exam, they must always go to Period 4 and wait to be dismissed. Please dismiss pupils 10 minutes before the exam is due to begin.

Please remind pupils that these exams are being run by strict exam regulations.

This means:     No talking inside the exam room

No unauthorised material at your desk

You must take off your coat and get out your writing materials before you enter the exam room

There will be some internal exams completed in class, these are as follows:

Tuesday 30th April – Music written paper 1 hour

Thursday 2nd May – Period 1 French, German and Spanish Reading exam (9R)

Thursday 2nd May – Period 2 French, German and Spanish Reading (9Q)

Friday 3rd May – Period 4 French, German and Spanish Reading (9P)

Week Commencing 29th April - History assessment in class

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