School Prospectus

DCChoosing your child’s secondary school is one of the most important decisions that a parent has to make.

This prospectus will provide you with information that you need in order to help make an informed decision.
We have a very strong academic tradition and, whilst we are fully comprehensive in terms of intake, many of
our students arrive with high attainment from primary school. However, we cater for all ranges of ability and have a very strong Additional Needs provision. Whatever the prior attainment of students, we are committed to maximising the progress made by every student.

Many of our students make exceptional progress and go on to A Level courses at local further education providers. We have very strong links with a number of outstanding providers in the Huddersfield area.

The school has a great reputation in terms of its pastoral provision. We place great emphasis on the emotional wellbeing and safety of every child in our care. Equally, we demand the very highest standards of behaviour and positive attitudes to learning in all of our students. Our students are happy and safe in school.

They are also completely free from disruption in their learning. Our extra-curricular programme is extensive and diverse. There really is something for everybody. We simply ask that once your child joins us, that they become actively involved in our enrichment activities and try out new

Perhaps our greatest strength lies in the experience, skill, knowledge and dedication of the staff. Many staff are local to the community and there is a real passion to see our students achieve the very highest of standards throughout their journey at our school.

If you missed our Open Evening and are interested in joining us, please feel free to make an appointment to see me or one of our team. Contact details can be found at the back of this prospectus.

Darren Christian


Principal: Mr D Christian
Senior Vice Principal: Mr A Foster
Vice Principal: Mr P Foxton
Assistant Principal: Mr P Cross
Assistant Principal: Mrs S Johnson
Assistant Principal: Mrs V Mason
Director of Finance & Resources:    Mrs V Wood
Chair of Governors: Mr M Mitchell          


Mission Statement

Salendine Nook is an inclusive community school, which places great emphasis on relationships and wellbeing. We provide a first class education to our students, so that all can achieve their unique potential.


Our students are resilient, confident and fully engaged in their learning. Our staff are highly skilled and fully committed to their work.

Our parents fully support our students in developing the skills, knowledge and understanding required to succeed.

Our Governors are experienced and committed members of the community who support and challenge the school in driving towards our ambitions.

 "Relationships are at the heart of what we do"

About the School

Salendine Nook High School was founded in September 1973. In February 2012, the school
converted to become an academy.

The school is on the western side of Huddersfield, one mile from the M62. The transport
network makes the school very accessible from Manchester and Leeds.

Currently there are 1350 students on roll, 84 teaching staff and 55 support staff. The school has an admission limit in Year 7 of 275 and is considerably over-subscribed. We have a very experienced teaching staff body and relatively low staff turnover. Our staff
are subject experts, with a proven record of ensuring the best possible outcomes for our students. Whilst the school is fully comprehensive in terms of attainment on entry, we do have a high percentage of higher attaining students based upon primary school outcomes. The school typically achieves GCSE results well above national average in terms of attainment.

There are many facilities on the campus: 65 acres of playing fields, a Sports Hall, two gymnasia, an indoor heated swimming pool, a summer athletics track, tennis courts and an all-weather floodlit pitch.The school has a wide range of specialist rooms and laboratories for science, technology / art facilities and a library / resource centre. There are five computer rooms with a network linked to other rooms. We have a fully wireless network and CCTV throughout the building. There are also specialist Music rooms. 

The pastoral system is based around year teams. Each year has ten form groups. Heads of Year liaise with Form Tutors in their year and are responsible to the relevant member of the Senior Leadership Team. We also have a Student Support Centre with six non-teaching pastoral staff who are always available throughout the school day.

The school has also recently appointed a Pastoral Mentor who is training to become a Counsellor. We have a specialist Child Protection Officer and a full time Medical Officer. We also have our own Attendance and Pupil Support Officer and a Transition Coordinator. As you can see, pastoral wellbeing is a hugely important aspect of work.

The academic work of the school is organised through Heads of Departments and all students follow GCSE and other Level 2 courses. The school is well regarded for offering a broad range of subjects, e.g. double and triple separate sciences, up to three modern languages, humanities and a full range of arts and technical subjects. At the beginning of Year 9, students start a three year Key Stage 4 programme of study. The pathways which students follow are initially determined by their attainment. We aim to ensure that our students are placed on a pathway which is best suited to their aptitude and interests, whilst also retaining curriculum breadth and course value.

Departments have their own areas in the school and many staff have responsibilities within departments, as well as carrying out a pastoral role as Form Tutors. There are opportunities for members of staff to develop new courses or special interests and to gain wide and varied experience. The school has a regional reputation for high academic standards. We have good liaison with the FE Colleges and a high proportion of students continue in full time education at one of these colleges when they leave us.


Academic Structure

The academic reputation of Salendine Nook High is successfully established. At every level, the school is organised to provide its students with the opportunity to attain the highest possible standards. All students have the opportunity to study ten full subjects to GCSE (or Level 2 equivalent).

Academic work is organised through subject departments. Students in Year 7 are setted for
most subjects and taught in mixed ability for others. The Additional Needs Department
organises help for students in the areas where specific learning needs have emerged.

A foundation group is taught in Years 7 and 8 to improve English and Mathematics skills for targeted students. Four times during the school year, internal assessments are completed to provide information about individual students. This information is sent to parents in the form of a Progress Report. In Year 8, students make their individual subject choices for GCSE and/or vocational study. Each student is interviewed and there is close parental liaison before final choices are made.

During Years 10 and 11, students are given advice by school careers staff. There is close liaison with the local FE and Sixth Form colleges. There is also a Careers Fair and opportunities for Work Related Learning.

The Curriculum


All students are expected and supported to reach their full potential and excellence in academic performance is positively encouraged. We measure outcomes by assessing the progress our students make from the end of primary to the end of secondary. 

PSHCE, RE and Citizenship work create opportunities for our young people to consider many issues of a social, moral and ethical nature. This is delivered in separate Philosophy, Morality
and Ethics (PME) lessons in both Key Stages. 

The total curriculum provision is designed to enable our students to become well-balanced and confident young people.


Additional Needs

When appropriate, a statutory assessment may be carried out by the LA which may result in a student being given an Education, Health and Care Plan. However, the needs of most students will be met without such an assessment having to be made. Specialist provision available may include small group work, individual programmes and extra support in lessons, along with regular monitoring and reviewing of progress made.

The school has an established framework both in the Additional Needs Department and in the Student Support Centre which enables us to access and then identify students with learning issues. This allows us to put the appropriate strategies in place to deal with these potential barriers to learning.

Years 7 & 8

All students follow the National Curriculum in Mathematics, Science, English, Technology, History, Geography, French, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education, Religious Education, Information Technology, PE (including swimming) and PME. Year 7 and 8 students will study two languages - French and Spanish.

Years 9/10/11

In Years 9, 10 and 11, all students must study English, Mathematics, Double Science or three separate Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Physical Education, Religious Education and Citizenship through PME lessons.  The option pathways system then guides students towards the most appropriate courses for the duration of Key Stage Four. Other options include Photography, Child Development and Health and Social Care. 

Throughout their five years at Salendine Nook High, students can be timetabled to learn or improve their performance on musical instruments. These lessons are taken by staff from Musica Kirklees.


Homework is set using Show My Homework. You will receive login details in September, at the start of each year. This ‘app’ allows parents to track or monitor their child’s homework over the course of the year. We expect every child to complete all homework tasks.

Extra-Curricular Activities

In addition to timetabled lessons, the school offers an extensive range of extra-curricular activities. A wide variety of lunchtime and after school clubs is an important aspect of school life. Various inter-form and inter-school competitions are organised to give every child the opportunity to compete with fellow students and students from other schools. Staff offer school clubs to support curriculum work and learning. The school has a strong reputation for successful sporting teams as well as a wide range of fitness related activities for those who want to participate but not compete. We are a Duke of Edinburgh centre and many students achieve this award.

Performing Arts are strong within the school, producing a range of musical and dramatic performances throughout the year. The school regularly stages musical productions for the enjoyment of students and parents. There are numerous clubs and activities run by different departments across the school and the school library provides a homework club after school. There are also theatre visits.


General Information - Admission Year 2018-2019

Pupil admissions

The school’s Planned Admission Number (PAN) is 275 for Year 7.

For admission to Year 7 in September 2018, there were 345 first preference applications.

School Hours

Morning session: 8.45 am - 12.25 pm                    Afternoon session: 1.10 pm - 3.10 pm

The Daily Timetable

The school operates a two week 25 period timetable with five periods per day. There is a registration at 8.45am followed by three periods in the morning session and two periods in the afternoon session. Break is after Period 2 from 11.10am to 11.25am and lunch is between 12.25pm and 1.10pm. Year assemblies take place once a week.

Cashless School

We accept electronic payments for all school items and school trips. Cash can currently be used by students in school to top up their meals account. The school may decide to withdraw this facility in the future. ParentPay offers parents the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever they choose, safe in the knowledge that the technology used is of the highest internet security available. Parents who are unable to pay online should contact the school to request a barcoded letter for trips/events.

School Website

The school website is Policies and information about the school, particularly details on school closures for bad weather or forthcoming events, will be posted on the site. The school will email or text parents with information or details of emergencies; please therefore ensure that we have your mobile phone numbers on the student admission forms that you will be given and it is also essential we have your up to date email address.

Term Dates for School Year 2019 - 2020


Autumn Term

First day Monday 2nd September

Half-term Monday 28th October - Friday 1st November inclusive 

Last day Friday 20th December

Spring Term 

First day Monday 7th January

Half-term Monday 17th February - Friday 21st February inclusive

Last day Friday 3rd April

Summer Term 

First day Monday 20th April

Half-term Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May inclusive

Last day Monday 20th July


Bank Holidays

August Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2019 Good Friday Friday 10th April 2020
Christmas Monday 25th December 2019                              Easter  Monday Monday 13th April 2020
Boxing Day        Tuesday 26th December 2019           May Day  Monday 4th May 2020                                      
New Years Day Wednesday 1st January 2020 Spring Bank Monday 27th May 2020



Pupils absent from school for any reason other than illness must submit a request in writing to the Principal explaining the reason for the absence. Holidays in term time are NOT authorised unless there are exceptional reasons. All absences must have the Principal’s permission. When a pupil is absent due to illness, the school must be informed on the first day via telephone, letter or through the parent App (MyEd).  All such absences should be covered by letter or a note in the planner on the pupil's return, giving the pupil's name and form, together with date of absence. All letters should be signed by a parent or carer. The school has an Attendance Officer who will ensure any problematic attendance and punctuality issues are followed up quickly and efficiently.

Authorised/Unauthorised Absences

The school prides itself on very good attendance by students. Students who are absent from school for any reason other than illness must submit a request in writing to the Principal explaining the reason for the absence. Holidays in term time are not authorised and parents must avoid these times. All absences must have the Principal’s permission. When a student is absent due to illness, the school must be informed on the first day via telephone, letter or through the parent app (MyEd). All such absences should be covered by letter on the student’s return, giving the student’s name and form, together with date of absence. All letters should be signed by a parent or carer. The school has an Attendance Officer who will ensure any problematic attendance and punctuality issues are followed up quickly and efficiently.


At time of print the following service and School bus times apply.

To School:
(370)-08.03 from Westgate, arrives Salendine Nook 08.15
(370)-08.24 from Westgate, arrives Salendine Nook 08.36
(537)-08.20 from Stand L, Huddersfield Bus Stn, arrives Salendine Nook 08.30
(537)-07.52 from Outlane, arrives Salendine Nook 07.59

From School:
(371)-15.15 from New Hey Road, arrives Westgate 15.28
(371)-15.35 from New Hey Road, arrives Westgate 15.48
(K75)-15.20 from campus, arrives Huddersfield Bus Station 15.34

Birchencliffe to Salendine Nook:
(S48)-8.10 from BMI Huddersfield Hospital, arrives campus 08.30

Salendine Nook to Birchencliffe:
(S48)-15.20 from campus, arrives BMI Huddersfield Hospital 15.40

  Girls Boys Total
No. of pupils taking examinations  135 12 257
No. of pupils applying for:      257
School sixth Form/Sixth form College  104 88  176
         FE College: 22 33 65
         Totals:   121 241
Employment / Training Schemes 6 6 12
Not in education, employment or training:                                          


4   4     

Percentage of age group:  93.76%

Girls: 49.02%

Boys: 44.74%

Pupils applying for employment: 

Percentage of age group:  4.66%

Girls: 2.33%

Boys: 2.33%

Students listed in employment include those on training schemes, those joining the Armed Forces and those in full-time employment.

These details are as at September 2018

Examination Results 2018

All GCSE subjects are now graded from 9 - 1.

To compare with legacy GCSEs, Grade 1 approximately equates to a Grade G, Grade 4 equates to a low Grade C and Grade 7 equates to a low Grade A.

Attainment 8 (A8) is a measure of public examination performance across eight subjects. This includes English, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Languages and other optional subjects.

Progress 8 (P8) is the progress a student makes from the end of KS2 - KS4, compared with students nationally with similar  attainment. A positive score means a student has made more
progress than other students with similar starting points. 

EBacc is a measure of the percentage of students who achieved a Grade 4 in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (Geography or History) and Languages.

  • A8 for this school is 45.8
  • P8 is not available until later this academic year.
  • Basics (Grade 9 - 4) in English + Maths) 64.1%
  • English Baccalaureate (EBacc) 29.3%
  • Core subjects: English (9 - 4 ) 70.3%   

                                 Maths (9 - 4)           73.4%  

                                 2 X Science (A* - C) 69.0%

  • Humanities (A* - C) 71.0%
  • MFL (A* - C) 72.3%


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