School Prospectus - Care and Guidance

Care and Guidance

It is the school’s policy that every pupil is treated as an individual. The pastoral organisation is structured on a Year basis. Pupils are placed in tutor groups and teaching staff are allocated as Form Tutors to each group. Form tutors have an important role to play in the pastoral system. They have daily contact with their group at morning registration and during form periods. Whenever possible, the Form Tutor stays with the same group for 5 years.

There is a Head of Year in charge of each Year group who remains with that Year until the end of Year 11, together with KS3/KS4 Assistant.  Heads of Year work in close liaison with the Senior Leadership Team and the Heads of Department. In this way, the academic and the pastoral development of each pupil is carefully monitored. There is also liaison between the school, home and Kirklees Educational Support Services whenever necessary.

It is considered very important that each pupil benefits from being a member of the school community. Sanctions are used if any pupil attempts to impede the educational or social welfare of others. Sanctions include comments, school detention or a period of time in the isolation room which is closely supervised by staff. The ultimate sanction is exclusion, which is very rarely used with only 4 permanent exclusions in the last 14 years.  The monitoring of a pupil’s progress is an important and continuous process. Parents are always informed if there is a cause for concern.

The school has a comprehensive system of rewards. Good attendance, punctuality, behaviour and attainment are all recognised and rewarded. Merits are given out in each lesson and postcards are sent home from curriculum areas each half term. The rewards for pupils as they accumulate credits are certificates, phone calls home, activities and  trips. Merits can also be traded for tangible rewards.


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