School Prospectus - Destination of Leavers - Year 11

  Girls Boys Total
No. of pupils taking examinations  128 126  254
No. of pupils applying for:      
School sixth Form/Sixth form College  104 88  192
         FE College: 17 33 50
         Totals: 121 121 242
(Totals to Further Education = 241      
Employment / Training Schemes 2 6 8
Not in education, employment or training:                                           3          1          4     

Percentage of age group:  95.27%

Girls: 47.63%

Boys: 47.63%

Pupils applying for employment: 

Percentage of age group:  3.14%

Girls: 0.78%

Boys: 2.36%

Pupils listed in employment include those on training schemes, those joining the Armed Forces and those in full-time employment.

These details are as at September 2017

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