School Prospectus - Holidays in Term Time

 Holidays in Term Time

There is no automatic entitlement in law to time off in term time to go on holiday. In exceptional circumstances, and by prior application, the Principal may authorise an absence within any school year, taking into account the child's attendance record.

Taking holidays in term time will affect your child's schooling as much as any other absence and we expect parents to help us by not taking children away in school time. Parents are requested to prioritise their child's education by using the school holiday weeks for family holidays. Remember that any savings you think you may make by taking a holiday in school time are offset by the cost to your child's education. In exceptional circumstances, and by prior application, the Principal may authorise absences. In making a decision the school will consider the circumstances of each application individually, including any previous pattern of leave in term time. Criteria include attendance level, impact on learning and exceptional circumstances. Parents/carers should not expect leave of absence to be granted automatically and are advised not to make any arrangements until the request for leave of absence has been considered. The school reserves the right to serve a Fixed Penalty Notice on any parent who either fails to request leave of absence or takes leave of absence when it has not been granted.

It is important that you understand the circumstances when leave in term time will not be agreed by us, the following are examples:

  • Immediately before and during assessment periods. As students in KS4 are undergoing Controlled Assessments and Modular examinations as part of their GCSEs throughout the year, it is highly unlikely that they will be allowed leave for holidays.
  • When a pupil's attendance record already includes any level of unauthorised absence.
    Where a pupil's attendance rate is already below 95% or will fall to or below that level as a result of taking holiday leave.

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