School Prospectus - Attendance


Pupils absent from school for any reason other than illness must submit a request in writing to the Principal explaining the reason for the absence. Holidays in term time are NOT authorised unless there are exceptional reasons. All absences must have the Principal’s permission. When a pupil is absent due to illness, the school must be informed on the first day via telephone, letter or through the parent App (MyEd).  All such absences should be covered by letter or a note in the planner on the pupil's return, giving the pupil's name and form, together with date of absence. All letters should be signed by a parent or carer. The school has an Attendance Officer who will ensure any problematic attendance and punctuality issues are followed up quickly and efficiently.

Authorised/Unauthorised Absences

The Government requires all schools to publish figures for authorised and unauthorised absence, i.e. pupils who have been absent from school and whose parents have not notified school of a reason for the absence. Salendine Nook High School's figures for the academic year 2015 / 2016 were:

The total number of registered pupils of compulsory school age on roll for at least one session: 1300

The percentage of half days (sessions) missed through authorised absence: 4.3%

The percentage of half days (sessions) missed through unauthorised absence: 0.6%  

During school hours, no pupil may leave the campus except for official activities, without the permission of the Principal or Senior Staff. The school reception keeps a signing in / out book. Any pupil leaving school for a personal appointment or returning afterwards must sign this book. Pupils who need to leave school are asked to bring a letter requesting permission. This letter must be shown to the Form Tutor and Head of Year.

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