Easter Rewards

Over the next 2 weeks each year group will be going to cinema for their reward trips.

The days that each year groups go on are:

  • Thurs 21st: Yr 10,
  • Fri 22nd Yr 8, Cancelled due to snow, will be rescheduled.
  • Mon 25th Yr9,
  • Tues 26th Yr11 and
  • Thurs 28th Yr 7

NB: Each year group is allowed to wear non-uniform on their own reward trip day only.
Pupils going on the visit will be receiving letters and must have returned reply slips to participate.
Pupils not going must attend school all day - any absentees will be required to obtain a doctor’s note. HoYs and Pastoral Coordinators will need to follow up on this promptly. NB the lessons non eligible pupils are in are not intended to be ‘punishment’ lessons, pupils are not being punished again for something they have done wrong, they simply have not earned the reward, so have to stay in school instead.
Remind pupils to bring change for refreshments if they are buying any - but to think about whether they really need to eat sweets in the cinema!

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