Library Facilities



  • Book-stock of around 9,000 titles suitable for all ages from toddler to adult
  • A small collection of audio tapes and CDs, often with accompanying books
  • 15 networked computers with internet access
  • An A3/A4 Multifunction Copy/Printer
  • 2 scanners
  • 5 large tables with chairs, enough for a whole class to work at
  • A small, comfortable reading area
  • Equipment to borrow such as: pens, pencils, rulers, crayons, paper, scissors
  • Large notice boards with reading ideas and information


Opening Hours & Sessions

The library is open all day, every day, during term time, as long as the librarian is on site.

Your librarian is Mrs. D. Williams and can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Day

Before School (8.15-8.45am)                       Available for book loans, printing and peer mentoring.                                                                      
Periods 1,2,3,4 & 5 English classes booked for reading sessions on a timetabled basis and other classes using the facilities on a bookable basis. Individuals and small groups sent by staff.
Break (11.05-11.20am) Booking for lunch, printing, borrowing books.
Lunch (12.20 – 1pm) Booked lunchtime session (80 places available).
Extra places at the librarian’s discretion.
After School (3.10 – 4pm) Available for doing homework, either using tables/books or computers (15). Reading, borrowing books and printing.


Borrowing Procedure

All staff and pupils are allowed to borrow books to take home. The basic allocation is 4 books at a time. This allocation can be increased, dependant on the pupil being a ‘good’ borrower, which includes bringing resources back on time. The books are issued for a period of 4 weeks. They can be renewed for further periods as often as required unless other pupils are queuing for them.

There are no fines for late books, but if the resources are kept for a long time, it will be assumed that they have been lost and a donation to cover their replacement will be expected. Overdue letters for late items are sent to the pupils in the first instance, via the form registers, and then parents are notified by email or text.

During the busy period of lunchtime, Pupil Library Assistants work at the counter issuing and returning the books. These pupils are chosen from Years 8 and 9 and work in teams. They are rewarded with credits and occasional treats. Names of pupils wishing to help out in this way are taken during the summer term.

Book Donations

In order to acquire as many up-to-date books as possible, the library periodically sends out book catalogues via form tutors from which pupils can purchase selected titles. Any books purchased from these magazines donate free books to the library.

The library is always grateful for donations of suitable books which staff, parents and pupils have finished with at home.

Reading Sessions

Reading Sessions

All pupils in Year 7 and 8 have an hour session reading in the library, during one of their English lessons, every fortnight.

Pupils are encouraged to keep the books that have been chosen for these sessions in their bags so that they can use them at any time, especially since English lessons start with a 10 minute read and their form class usually has a reading session one registration a week.
We hope that they will also read them at home (not forgetting to put them back in their bags afterwards). 

Pupils can also bring in their own books from home and can bring e-book readers, which can be stored safely in the library during the day, if required.

Unfortunately due to curriculum pressures older students rarely have the chance to read in the library in an organised fashion; though we hope that by this age they will be reading independently and borrowing books to take home.


Year 7 on a Week 1 of the timetable and Year 8 on a Week 2

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