Year 9 Engineering

 Pupils manufacture a steel bottle opener. It is heat treated to make it more durable and plastic dip coated to give it a long life and high quality finish. They also learn to use SolidWorks, a professional 3D Computer Aided Design program. It is an exciting project that offers pupils the chance to work with equipment they have not used before.

Aims of the project:

  • To learn a professional 3D CAD software
  • To understand engineering drawings
  • To learn new, metal working manufacturing techniques 
  • To understand the properties of different metals and how they can be adjusted
  • Learn metal working techniques
  • Learn about heat treatment of metals
  • Learn about dip coating metal

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GCSE Engineering

Pupils learn about the vast subject of Engineering and the impact it has on the world as we know it. The main focus materials are metals and plastics.

Most of Y10 is spent completing short, focussed projects and assignments which have been developed to teach a vast amount of knowledge and workshop skill.

Towards the end of Y10, pupils will begin their GCSE coursework. This is comprised of two parts:

Part A: Working as a Design Engineer would; researching and designing a product such as a can crusher through to the point of producing the engineering drawings so that someone else could manufacture the product.

Part B: Pupils work as an Engineering Manufacturer would and are given a set of engineering drawings. They have to plan how to manufacture the product, selecting the appropriate materials and manufacturing methods and then accurately manufacture it. An example is to manufacture a USB powered desk lamp. Throughout this manufacture, pupils are required to follow their own plan of manufacture, use two types of CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) equipment and document their progress.

For more detailed information please visit the AQA website.

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