Honley Show 2016

The Design and Technology department would like to pass on their congratulations to the Year 11 students who submitted their work to the Honley Show this year. Once again the students excelled in their areas and we had a number of winners.

Congratulations to:

  • Katie Scholefield, who won a first prize for her wall hanging based on a Moroccan theme – she gathered research from her school trip to Morocco to inspire her
  • Genevieve Durrans, who won first prize for her child’s dress based on Nature and was commended on the quality of her product
  • Freya Priestly, who won first prize for her electronics project a metronome based product to help with her music
  • Aaisha Sharif, who won second prize for her electronics project which was a board game based product incorporating electronic dice and forfeit
  • Luke Taylor, who won third prize for his electronics project which was based on an F1 Start Gate.

Thanks also to Bea Maynard who organises the collection, entering and displaying of all our students work each year.

  image01 Aasha Sahrif's Board Game Start Gate  

Image02 Freya Priestly’s Metronome            

Image03  Luke Taylor’s F1

Image04  Ellie Scholefield's Wall Hanging            

Image05   Genevieve Durrans's child's dress



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