Technology Week 2013

Monday 24th June 2013 saw the start or this years technology week, with Year 9s taking part in a number of workshops.


Resistant Materials


"The Apprentice"

In the style of the fantastic TV programme with Lord Sugar, pupils took part in “The Apprentice”. Pupils worked in design teams to design and manufacture a sample of their product for the D&T Shop. This work involved lots of entrepreneurial skills and true business acumen, as well as drawing on the skills found within the Design and Technology subject. Pupils made a wide range of products including mobile phone holders, candle holders and clocks.

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They then pitched their business concept to the judges. Their pitches had to include business plans, market research and explanations of how the product would be batch produced. The judges then had a truly difficult decision to make and took a great deal of care selecting the winning teams.
As a department we were incredibly impressed that our pupils could collaborate and work together to produce such high quality products as well as presenting under pressure in such a professional manner.

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Streetstyle Surgery

ssFor the fourth year running, the textile department were thrilled to welcome back fashion designer Sissy Rooney.

What happens on this fashion workshop?

  1. A punchy, personal motivational talk from Sissy about how – with passion, creativity and perseverance – the young people can achieve whatever they set their hearts on… no matter how difficult their background.
  2. Sissy gives the group some creative inspiration by showing off examples of clothing designed and customised at previous fashion workshops.
  3. Sissy introduces the group to the materials they'll use, including fabric spray paints, fabric pens and crayons. The group can create their own design stencils using images from the internet, or use the stencils supplied.
  4. The group let their imaginations run wild, brainstorming design ideas which they then refine down to a technical working sketch of the tee they want to make.
  5. The young people work on their designs with Sissy on standby for help, ideas and guidance.
  6. The group fill out a garment costing sheet* gaining a real-world understanding of how they could make money from their artistic talents.

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Her workshops are always inspirational and the processes she introduces us to are very unique. The pupils work tremendously well with her to produce the most amazing, custom made garments.

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Manufacturing products for the "DT Shop"

Pupils worked in teams to design and manufacture a unique rubber stamp using modern materials and new technologies.  This work involved the use of CAD / CAM skills and true creativity as well as drawing on the expertise found within the Design and Technology subject. Pupils made a range of individual card and stationary products which will be sold at the exhibition on Thursday 27th June and the monies raised will continue to buy new equipment for further business ventures.

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Hovercraft Challenge

Y9 Engineering pupils took part in the Hovercraft Challenge. This team based challenge involved designing, manufacturing a hovercraft and using it to compete in series of challenges.
Pupils had to draw on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) knowledge.  The application of this cross curricular knowledge enabled pupils to design and manufacture fully functioning hovercrafts that can carry people!
Teams were then set 10 challenges in the gym. These included: fastest hovercraft, hovercraft that travels the furthest on one push, best hovercraft over obstacles, most amount of weight held to name a few.
Pupils behaved impeccably well throughout the day and thrived on the ability to get involved with such a challenging and exciting event that is normally beyond reach of the day to day curriculum.

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Design and Make Task

The pupils designed and manufactured an electronic dice. The circuit was based on a PIC micro-controller, which is a programmable integrated circuit. This allows the user to program the sequence and timings of the LED outputs using a flowchart-based software package. The case was manufactured from 2 pieces of pre-machined acrylic, enhanced by using elements of CAD/CAM, such as the laser cutter and vinyl plotter.
The work produced had the potential to be commercially viable and further developments could take place for the products to be retailed.

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pmFood pupils worked with Allison WhitmarshLink the owner of 'Propermaid'Link, who provided them with information on running a business as well as teaching them how to decorate cakes. The pupils worked independently to create a range of unusual, gourmet muffins and these included using beetroot, mini marrows and chilli with chocolate. Chocolate lollipops were also manufactured by the pupils using edible transfer paper.
All the products were professionally packaged and labelled and looked so specialised, they could have been retailed!

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