Year 8 Science Week The Solar Eclipse

Year 8 pupils spent their science lessons studying the sun & solar eclipses. This then led up to the whole of the year watching the eclipse outside on the tennis courts.
Lesson 1 looked at facts about the sun. After gathering facts/information about the sun, pupils then displayed it in the form of a poster. The best 3 posters won a prize!
Lesson 2 looked at how we keep ourselves safe in the sun. Pupils pretended that they were members of the Nivea research team & tested different sun creams to see which was the most effective. They did this by covering up a bottle of colourless liquid that changed pink when exposed to UV light.

In Lesson 3 pupils read information on eclipses through the ages. Many eclipses were linked to key historical events such as the crucifixion of Jesus or the death of King Henry I in 1133. There were also many myths that ancient civilisations created to explain a solar eclipse such as a monster trying to destroy the sun. Pupils then used bulbs and plasticine to understand & model an eclipse. The grand finale was to take the whole of the year outside to watch the eclipse in their special solar eclipse glasses.

Click here to take a look at some photos from the week

Read a report by Eliza Park 8K

In the 2015 Science Week, everything was based around the eclipse. During the Science lessons the classes watched a video of previous eclipses & found that extremely interesting. Then, the numerous classes talked about the theories behind the eclipse that people used to have. This made a lot of people laugh!!! (Especially the theory that when an eclipse happened, the moon & the sun would be on a date). In groups, each class made a timeline of curious things that happened during an eclipse. This was interesting & slightly amusing. As well as making out of plasticine, a moon to block out a lamp (this is the sun). This was good fun because let’s face it, plasticine always make every lesson fun!

By far the thing that enticed everyone the most, was to be able to watch the solar eclipse ourselves. Everyone liked sitting with their friends, wearing the cool glasses and watching the eclipse happen right before their eyes. Loads of people enjoyed the difficult task of trying to take photos of the eclipse through their glasses. It was all good fun, especially when some of the science teachers offered chocolate if you answered a question right. Everyone loves chocolate!

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