Year 7 Science Week ‘Bees’

Year 7 pupils had a week of science lessons based around the theme of bees. In lesson 1 they studied the anatomy of a bee. This involved looking at parts of the bee under a microscope. In lesson 2, pupils learnt about the bee hive. They studied how & why bees make honey. Miss Scatchard, our apiarist, came to tell us all about her bee hives. Lesson 3 involved making candles from bee wax.

The food technology department also joined in by doing some taste tests on different types of honey. Yummm!!

Click here to take a look at some photos from the week

This is what Archie in 7D thought about the activities

During Science Week I saw a variety of activities related to bees which was the point of focus for year 7 during science week. One very interesting thing I saw was when Miss bought in her bee hive. She took us through the different components, what they did and what they were called. Miss also showed the honey was stored and why bees made it. We also learnt about the queen bee and why they had a spot on their backs. The spot on their back shows the bee keeper they are the queen and they have to be careful not to harm the queen. I also saw one class make candles from honey comb, they melted it down to get bees wax. They then let the bees wax cool and moulded it into a wick they then put it into a candle holder. We also did active like colouring in pictures of bees and writing our initials. We looked at bee’s body parts under a microscope. We looked at the antennae, the legs & the exoskeleton. The tongue had to be the worst! It had hair like strands coming from it. It was disgusting!!! 

Written by:  Archie North 7D

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