National Science & Engineering week

Tnational science and engineering weekhis year for National Science & Engineering Week, we celebrated the beautiful world of birds.
On Thursday 20th March 2014, our year 8 pupils got involved in lots of different activities based around the science of birds. Read all about what they got up to & take a look at their photos…... be prepared to smile ?
Mrs M.Salmon


Bird Display



Birds Galore!
On Thursday 20th March, our school was visited by a bird of prey handler, and of course, birds of prey.
We found out so much about the eating habits, distinguishing features and so much more about the birds that we saw. Birds such as Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, European Eagle Owls, little owls & Falcons! We even saw a few of them in flight, yet we had a hard time trying to coax the Barn Owl down from the ceiling!!
Overall, it was a great experience and I would love to see it again!!

Written by C Sowerby 8C

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Other Activities




All you ever wanted to know about feathers

The Physics of flying (Making paper aeroplanes)

Breaking News!: Reporting the devastating effect of an oil spill on birds and other wildlife.

Bird Feeders (Looking at bird nutrition)

Do you know your birds?


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On Thursday the 20th of March, year 8 were getting into fascinating facts about birds!
While a variety of things were going on – there was never a dull moment!
Over in LG4 pupils were making their very own bird feeders and fat balls! Pupils had the chance to create mixture from scratch – even adding in Meal worms as tasty treats! Despite Mr Gray saying: “Messiest experiment ever!” Year 8’s did not stop smiling, asking questions like: “Can birds have nut allergies” (which the answer to is no), or complaining about the smell!
 During, their time in LG4 pupils were also learning the kind of things birds eat, their dietary needs and how to make heart shaped moulds!
Nevertheless this experiment was a great, messy and a fun success!
Meanwhile in LG6, students were learning EVERYTHING from A-Z on feathers! Feathers play a big part in a bird’s life – for example feathers are the reason some birds can’t fly! Birds have different types of feathers: down and canter. They also took part in a practical, which allowed you to look at why birds can swim due to their feathers.
In the words of some pupils on feathers: “It was a really interesting lesson” and “Actually really good”
However in LG7, year 8’s were getting in touch with their inner reporter. They were creating amazing posters all about the BP oil disaster, researching and learning all about how this had such a long term effect on birds and the environment.
Did you know: “The oil split for 87 days and 4 years later and it’s still working its way through the food chain?”
In LF5, pupils had the opportunity of handling LIVE chickens and chicks – of all different colours and sizes!
After students being pooed on by the darling birds, the class went on a nature walk to see how many birds they could spot!
Over in the hall, a spectacular bird show was happening- with lots of wonderful birds flying left, right and centre! Giving Year 8 an incredible one off experience!
The last fun activity on birds was, creating paper aeroplanes, to compare the flight of them to birds. Making and creating all kinds of planes, copying off designs or winging it!
Now it was test time for planes to see which flew the best……
And the winner with 9 meters 70 was the classic dart! Here’s some words from the winner: “This was so fun and cool, I want a club!”
It looks like all activities were a roaring success! An amazing – unforgettable experience full of lots of laughs, messiness, creativity and fun!

Written by  I Masih 9J

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