SDC14526Over the last couple of weeks Election fever has gripped the school with SNHS running its own mock election organised by Mr Butler, Mr Flaherty and Mr Davies from the PSHCE Department. Assemblies have been held with all year groups in which pupil representatives from all the major parties presented the issues and policies for all to hear. For The Conservatives there was Will Schofield, for The Greens it was Maegan Jones, for Labour we had Malachy Sunderland (aptly named after a safe Labour seat!), for UKIP we had George Harle and for the Liberal Democrats it was Freya Priestly. Topics covered included Education, the Economy, Immigration and the Health Service with lively debate taking place on stage giving the audience a feel for what real politics are about.

Furthermore lessons were provided in PSHCE over the last three weeks where students studiedSDC14521 the party manifestos, debated the main issues and analysed election broadcasts from all the major political parties. The aim was to enable the students at Salendine Nook to make the most informed decision possible.
The experience culminated on May 7th with voting taking place in our designated polling station (the Library) complete with a clerk and returning officer. Results show that over 900 votes were cast with the Green party (323 votes) coming out a clear winner followed by Labour (249.) Turnout was high with 68.5% of the school voting and year 7 students proving the most enthusiastic!

ResultsResults1Polling Station




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