Scottish Mock Referendum Vote, Thursday 18th September

4On Thursday ‘Scotland’ Nook High School went to the polls to decide whether Scotland should be an independent country and just as in the real referendum vote north of the border there were queues out of the door as voters rushed to have their say. Election officer Aleena Ashraf (year 11) did remarkably well to cope with the influx of young democracy loving democrats eagerly waiting for their ballot papers.

The process of learning about Scottish Independence was started when all students in the school had sessions on the issues involved during PSHCE lessons in the first week of term. Then a group of dedicated year 10 GCSE Citizenship students put on assemblies all week for every year group in the school. The culmination of the process occurred on Thursday as hundreds of students turned out to vote to have their say on an important issue which affects the whole of The United Kingdom.

And the result?

After school, a team of election officials led by Georgina Ridgwick and including Jasmine Eastwood, Chloe Sharples, Hannah Reid, Komal Tahir, Chloe Crowther and Aksha Mustafa  stayed behind to count the votes. Our school voted 74% for ‘No’ meaning that most students favoured Scotland remaining a part of the UK. The team and Mr Flynn then crunched some data for form tutors to go through with their forms on Friday morning. This included voter turnout and male/female split. Democracy is certainly alive and well at Salendine Nook High School.

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