Pupils Participate In National Dance Competition

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The Nationwide Medallist of the Year Competition for 2012 in Freestyle and Rock ‘n’ Roll took place at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool on November 9th and involved several pupils from school.

This competition is what the dancing community call ‘Nationals’. This means that each dancer represents their area (in this case, our students represented the North East) and they had already competed at an area competition previously in order to qualify for their place at ‘Nationals’.

The weekend was a long and tiring one, with doors opening at 8am and the competition in full flow by 9am. On the Saturday the competition went on until 8pm and 7pm on the Sunday evening.
The atmosphere in the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens was electric with an array of stunning costumes with hundreds of pounds worth of Swarovski crystals glittering the dance floor.
The hard work and effort that had gone into the preparation for the National Freestyle and Rock and Roll competition of the year was about to finally pay off.

Several of our students are part of freestyle dance schools in the area but the majority of the following students attend ‘Caspers Freestyle Dance School’ based at Waring Green in Brighouse.

Kim Ansley (9F) danced Freestyle Solo Girls (up to 13) and was recalled into the next round.

Joe Garbutt (7G) and Kieron Collins (8C) competed in the Freestyle Solo Boys (up to 13) and both made it into the final.
Kieron was crowned winner and Nationwide Champion of the year and Joe was awarded Runner Up.
However, it may be worth mentioning that Joe has only just moved up into a higher age category and this was his first competition against the older boys. So being awarded runner up was astounding as the competition was fierce.

Joe also danced Rock and Roll in the up to 13 years category and made it into the final, being awarded 4th in the country.
Kieron was also in this competition partnering Cara wood (9A) and they made it into the semi-finals.
The boys also competed in the Freestyle Pairs category and Joe made it into the semi-finals and Kieron danced with Bethany Turner (7B) and they won 5th place, nationally.

Kim Ansley and Jess Groves (10G) danced Freestyle Pairs in the 14 – 17 year category and both received a recall. (Again, moving up into a higher age category for the first time.)

Olivia Parojcic (7J) danced with her partner in the 14 – 17 year category for Freestyle Pairs and was awarded 2nd place in the country – amazing considering Olivia is only 11!
Olivia also made it into the final for her Rock and Roll and her schools team danced in a category containing 7 other teams and won!

It might also be worth mentioning that ex pupils, Zoe Garbutt and Destiny Maximillian danced Freestyle Pairs, Solo and Rock and Roll.
Zoe was recalled in Freestyle Pairs and Rock and Roll and made it into the Semi Final for her Solo.
Destiny was awarded Nationwide runner up for her pairs, received 4th place in Rock and Roll and made it into the final for her solo and was awarded joint 4th place.
Katy Batley and Amy Stringer also danced with each other for the Freestyle Pairs and Rock and Roll competition in the girl partnered by girl, 14 – 17 year age category.

It was an amazing weekend and the standard of the competition was extremely high with all those involved giving 110% all weekend. Their behaviour at the competition was wonderful and they were a credit not only to their dance schools, but to Salendine Nook High School as well.

Miss Heneghan

nationaldancecompThe majority of the named students attend Caspers Freestyle Dance School based at Waring Green Community Centre in Brighouse.

For more information, please contact Claire Lambert on 07917106904 or visit www.caspersfreestyle.co.uk



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