The staff of the department are fully committed to creating opportunities for students to not only learn a range of skills, but also to develop social relationships, teamwork skills, and enjoy their learning in a practical and accessible way, in addition to the academic challenges of creative and analytic writing, the study of plays and characters and the discussion of important topics and issues.


Students have a dedicated hour lesson per week where they are assessed in creating, performing and writing about drama through a modular, topic-based system. Topics can range from learning about specific techniques, or styles of performance like Naturalism, Melodrama, Physical Theatre and Mime to thematic exploration based in real- world issues, historical events [for example The Sinking of the Titanic], cultural forms like dance, and theatre arts like set design, mask making and puppetry.

They will also explore characters and themes through the study of plays, poems and script extracts.


Year 9

Students opt for GCSE Drama in this year and have 2 hours per week in lessons. This is a transition year where skills necessary for success on the GCSE course are taught, based in exploring the history of drama in Western traditions. This includes Greek Theatre, sagas and ballads, Shakespearean drama and modern techniques.

Written assessments are now much more in-depth and rely on structures and language taught to develop GCSE standard work. Students are also now given internal opportunities to perform to audiences, developing confidence and stage presence.

        image01                  image02


Students are now following the AQA GCSE Drama specification, which falls into two broad areas [pending the introduction of the new specifications in 2017.]

The detail below shows that students are now able to make choices about technical or performance support roles as part of their controlled assessment. Several units are studied over two years and the best 2 marks are submitted for each student.

Drama grid



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