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The Subject Explained - Studying Mathematics

Students best learn mathematics through a variety of experiences in lessons and when they are given time to discuss and practice new ideas and techniques.

Mathematics is itself very important but also equips students with the problem solving skills that they will be able to transfer into other subjects and other situations once they have left school which will prove a very powerful tool. We are committed to helping all our students make the very best progress they can in lessons but are striving for the best possible impact on their everyday life skills.

Every lesson counts so we expect our students to be fully prepared for learning.  Students take responsibility for their own exercise and note books and bring them to every lesson along with their own basic equipment. As a minimum this includes pens, pencils, a ruler and eraser. In addition, a scientific calculator is a very useful tool, although we teach students not to rely on them unnecessarily. Often a pair of compasses and protractor are also required.


Teaching Methods

Mathematics teaching at all levels will include opportunities for:

  • Exposition by the teacher
  • Discussion between teacher and pupils, and between pupils themselves
  • Appropriate practical work, as resources allow
  • Consolidation and practice of fundamentals skills and routines
  • Problem solving including the application of mathematics to everyday situations
  • Investigational work, including ‘open-ended’ and shorter ‘closed’ tasks

Pupils will also be encouraged to develop individual self study, so that by Year 11 they will have developed the necessary skills to enable them to achieve the highest grade possible at GCSE.

Specfic Aims

To allow and encourage pupils to develop:

  • A positive attitude to mathematics
  • An appreciation of the place of mathematics in society
  • An ability to think mathematically, using creativity as will as logic and precision.
  • A willingness to work both individually and with others
  • An ability to communicate mathematical ideas both orally and in writing
  • An appreciation of the interdependence of the different branches of mathematics
  • An appreciation of the ways in which mathematics can be used
  • The knowledge, skills and understanding to apply a range of mathematical concepts to real life situations
  • The skill to investigate and to test and prove their own hypotheses
  • An ability to use mathematics across the curriculum
  • A desire for further study


  • Knowledge, including recall of definitions, notions and concepts
  • Skills, including computation, manipulation of symbols and use of instruments
  • Comprehension with a capacity to understand problems, translate symbolic forms and follow reasoning
  • Application with the ability to apply knowledge of concepts to unfamiliar situations
  • Creativity, having the ability to extend reasoning and investigation to make  discoveries which are new and original to the pupil
  • Achievement of entry at an appropriate level for GCSE and attainment at  that level.

Exam boundaries




Exam Papers





Greenhead Maths Pop Quiz 2015

Greenhead College, yet again, hosted a fantastic year 9 Inter School Maths quiz. Salendine Nook took two teams of pupils from the current year 9 Fast Track maths groups. The gloriously sunny afternoon began with a trip on the bus into town and a gentle stroll to Greenhead College; just the perfect way to prepare for the rigor and challenge to come. Both teams did really well against the other schools and enjoyed the afternoon enormously. The most important victory of the day was that Mrs Carolan’s group beat Mrs Stonehouse’s group!

Year 6 Maths Trail 2015

Small groups of pupils from each of our primary schools were invited into school for the afternoon to play maths game, complete a Maths trail around school and most importantly to get to know one another. It was lovely to see our new recruits having so much fun with our older pupils. Roll on September!

Year 5 Inter School Maths Challenge 2015

Fourteen teams took part in the Year 5 Inter School Maths Challenge 2015 which meant that the school hall was packed with over fifty eager young mathematicians and their ‘fan clubs’. The atmosphere was great as the pupils took part in a 4 round competition ranging from the traditional mental maths calculations to problem solving and practical activities. Many parents also took part in our ‘Old Money’ challenges. Golcar Juniors were runners up with Lindley Juniors winning first prize. Congratulations and prizes were given to all the participants for their awesome efforts!

Paris Trip 2015

On Monday 6th April 41 students and 4 staff members will be going to Paris (and Disneyland) on a Maths and Science trip. The trip will last 4 days and starts very early Monday morning at 5.30am and ends Thursday evening. Throughout the 4 days they will be visiting many famous attractions around Paris and staying at Disneyland. Whilst visiting these places the students will be taking photos and doing lots of calculations in their workbooks which will help them with their GCSE’s in Maths and Science.

Whilst on the trip the students and staff will be working together to blog about the trip and their experience, you can follow their progress by clicking on the link.

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