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The Language Department is committed to ensuring all pupils in school have the opportunity to learn the language and culture of at least one European country.

Our aims include the following:
A modern foreign language offers opportunities for pupils to:

  • Become increasingly familiar with the sounds, written form and grammar of a language other than English
  • Use their knowledge with growing confidence and competence to understand what they hear and read, and to express themselves in speech and writing
  • Develop language skills and language-learning skills, including applying their knowledge of grammar and structures, so that they become increasingly independent learners and users of the foreign language
  • Use the foreign language as the principal means of communication within the classroom and beyond it where opportunities exist
  • Increase their cultural awareness by learning about countries where the language is spoken and their peoples, and by working with materials from those countries
  • Gain sufficient expertise to succeed at GCSE according to their individual ability

MFL Film 2017 - 2018


This year’s MFL film club is aimed at Year 9 pupils and is hosted by Mrs Jenkinson in her classroom (SS4) on Monday lunchtimes.

A wide range of foreign language films (all with subtitles) will be shown over the course of the year.

This year’s film season was launched on 30th October with the multiple award winning ‘La Famille Bélier’, an exceedingly funny, yet poignant, story of a family of hearing-impaired farmers and their musically talented teenage daughter.

MFL Visit to HNC


Huddersfield New College have kindly agreed to offer our pupils two ‘A’ Level  language taster sessions at the beginning of November this year.  This is a great opportunity for pupils who may be considering continuing their language studies post GCSE to sample, 1st hand, the type of lesson they can expect on a French or Spanish ‘A’ level language course. 

We are delighted that a dozen pupils from each language have chosen to participate in this visit.


The European Day of Languages 2017

The European Day of Languages 2017

The European Day of Languages is now an annual event which is firmly fixed in our Modern Photo SNHSLanguages department calendar.

The stated aims of this day, which is celebrated in school during the week of 26th September, are to raise awareness of the importance of language learning and intercultural understanding, to promote the rich cultural diversity of Europe and the wider world and to encourage lifelong language learning. 

The challenge for Y7 is to create a hat based on a country of their choice. The enthusiasm for the task and the quality of entries this year was outstanding.  We saw an exceptionally high level of creativity and hours of meticulous care with colouring, sticking and sewing. Choosing the winners was more difficult than ever but after much deliberation, the final overall winner for girls was Chloe Thornton with her magnificent Big Mac and for boys, Nicholas Warner (7D) with his superb hat depicting all things Italian.

Photo2 SNHSYear 8 pupils were required to research a country of their choice and present their work to their class.  We enjoyed a wide variety of presentation styles, with some beautiful artwork and good use of technology to produce lively interactive presentations.  We saw examples of excellent team work and great communication skills – there were definitely a few budding teachers to look out for.

Finally, to ensure that the whole school could be involved, form groups participated in an MFL quiz, which tested pupils’ general European knowledge.

MFL Primary Afternoon 2017

On Wednesday 14th June, Year 5 pupils from Spring Grove and Moorlands Primary Schools came to the MFL department to take part in languages taster sessions.

All pupils took part in two sessions over the course of the afternoon where they all got to learn some Japanese and Spanish. Pupils were involved in a variety of activities including; learning Japanese numbers and origami as well as a Spanish culture quiz, learning Spanish greetings and making Spanish fans.

Pupils said that they had a great time and it was a fantastic afternoon for everyone involved. We hope to repeat this successful event next year!

French Trip 2017

47 Year 8 and Year 9 pupils have just returned from a great four day trip to Chateau d’Ebblinghem in northern France where they had a lot of fun whilst learning about French culture and practising their language skills.

Following an early 6.30am start, we had a smooth journey through the channel tunnel, and arrived in bright sunshine.  After a swift evening meal the group headed out into the Chateau grounds for football, boules, ping pong and just chilling with friends.

Read more: French Trip 2017

Mandarin Club


 Tuesday Lunchtime in SF5

Photo 2Is Mandarin Chinese one of the most difficult languages in the world? We don’t think so! Do you need to be good at drawing to write Chinese characters? Not at all!

Salendine Nook’s first Mandarin Chinese club is helping to demystify this often misunderstood language and inspire our students to engage with the language of the future.

The club will run until the Christmas holidays and will show Photo 1students and teachers alike just how accessible and fun this language can be. Gone is the need to learn complicated verb endings and the genders of words; instead have fun learning about the fascinating culture of 1.4 billion people and one of the most important languages of our time!

Students of this giant of a language have already learnt how to talk about themselves and can even write a number of Chinese characters (no mean feat for a lunchtime club).

We hope to see the popularity of this language grow and our students lead the way in language learning.


The European Day of Languages 2016

MFL Department Celebrates the European Day of Languages 2016

HATSThe European Day of Languages is a time to celebrate the 6,000+ languages spoken around the world, promote language learning and have some multilingual fun!
This year in the MFL department,   we had lots of interesting activities going on.

Year 7 were challenged to create a hat based on a country. We had lots of fabulous and original ideas. From hats which lit up, to other designs, incorporating lots of sewing and sticking. They were amazing!

Year 8 and Year 9 researched a country of their choice and then presented their findings to the class. We had demonstrations of many different languages, as well as cultural and historical facts. Form groups took part in a name the flag quiz and all pupils were invited to participate in a QR Code treasure hunt and quiz.

We all had good fun celebrating linguistic and cultural diversity and look forward to doing it all again next year.

Primary Afternoon 2016

On Tuesday 14 June, the MFL department held the annual Primary Languages Afternoon. It was attended by Y6 pupils from Lindley, Spring Grove and Moorlands. The Year 6 pupils had great fun getting stuck into language and cultural sessions, which were run by some of our Year 8 pupils.

The Year 8s did a fabulous job both in engaging the younger children and representing our school. We were very proud of them.

In French, Y6 made use of our ICT facilities and their French language skills to create a poster in French about a celebrity of their choice In Spanish, they learned about the different places where Spanish is spoken and cut and glued to decorate a fan. In the Japanese session, they learned basic greetings, how to count to ten and made a booklet using special Japanese pens.

The afternoon whizzed by and everyone had lots of fun. We value our links with our Primary colleagues and this is a wonderful opportunity for us all to get together and have fun learning about different languages and cultures.

Authentic Reading Project

Miss Crews asked us to write a story in Spanish for a Year 9 story-telling competition and ours was about a polar bear named Pablo. First we looked at an authentic Spanish book called ‘No quiero ir a la escuela’ by Stephanie Blake. We then looked at useful phrases and picked out some we might be able to use. We jotted down some ideas and then began to translate them into Spanish.

Afterwards we used to add illustrations and finally "Pablo goes to school" was created! The best thing has to be that our story won and so will be made into an actual book and be available in the school library!

Click here to view the the end illustration created. 

Maisie Fitzgibbon 9G, Muna Ahmed 9J & Rosie Howarth 9F


Barcelona Trip 2016


The Barcelona trip was one of the most amazing experiences. We visited some remarkable places, learnt about Spanish culture and also had so much fun!

On the first day we landed around 10 am and got on a coach that took us to our lovely hostel. The journey was beautiful as we passed through the pretty city, looking out of the coach window to see the remarkable buildings. When we arrived at the hostel we dropped our bags off and headed out on a 2 hour guided-walking tour around Barcelona. To get there we went on the metro. The city was so fascinating and we were allowed to go to the Spanish market that was full of bright colours and delicious smells. Later we visited the Picasso museum; the art work was unbelievable. To finish the first day we headed back to our hostel where we ate some tasty food.Photo1

The second day, we got on a bus to Parc Güell. The mosaic sculptures, buildings and seating areas were bright and colourful. The views looked gorgeous in the hot Spanish sun and we explored the park for the majority of the day. Later on we got dressed up and went to the Hard Rock Café where the food was so delicious.

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