KS4 in ICT


Core ICT

Pupils in Year 9 are set according to their ability in maths with the top set following the OCR GCSE Computer Science qualification concentrating on Computational Thinking and the practical programming.

Sets 2-4 following the Cambridge Nationals in Information Technologies course which consists of 2 units of study R012 Understanding tools, techniques, methods and processes for technological solutions (examination unit) and R013  Developing technological solutions (coursework unit set and moderated by the examination board but marked by centre staff.

Students in set 5 follow the NCFE Level 2 Technical Award in Interactive Media.  This required students to work on number of different tasks and produce a portfolio of evidence to be submitted to the examination board along with a 15 hour set of task set by the examination board and completed under examination conditions.


Students who choose ICT/Computing as an option follow the OCR GCSE Computer Science qualification. Lessons are split into theory and practical programming when students concentrate on learning how to program using Python.  This qualification requires students in year 9 to sit 2 examination papers and a practical programming task.  Students in year 10 sit one examination but complete a programming investigation and a practical programming task both set the examination board.

In year 11 students are required to sit 2 examinations and complete a non-examination assessment programming task set and moderated by the examination board but marked by centre staff

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