KS3 in History

Year 7

The Norman Conquest

Bbattles of 1066
How harold died

Consolidation of power

Feudal system
Donesday book

The Tudors

Battle of Bosworth
Tudor family tree
Henry VIII and his wives
Henry VII and religion
Henry's children and religion

Elizabeth I: Depth Study

Problems faced by Elizabeth
Religion, Marriage,
Mary, Queen of Scots, Spain etc.

Year 8

The English Civil War

Cauese, Events, Consequences
Oakwell Hall Visits

The Slave Trade

Life in Africa
Capture, Middle passage, Slave auctions, Life on the plantation

Working Children in Britain

Factory children,
Children in the coal mines, workhouses, work reforms and links to modern day.

Britain in WWI

Causes, Recruitment, Trench warfare, Lions led by donkeys? End of WWI

Aspects of 20th Century History

Holocaust, WWII Overview,
Atomic bombs.

Year 9

Only for pupils who have chosen to GCSE History

Shaping the 20th Century:

Term1 Democracies
What is a democracy?
Case study 1: Britain
(Suffragettes, Empire, Britain today)
Case study 2: India
Independence, Ghandi, Partition, Modern day India

Demoracies and Dictatorships

Term 2 Dictatorships
What is a dictatorship?
Case study 1: Nazi Germany
(democracy to dictatorship, features of dictatorship, life in Nazi Germany.)
Case study 2: Stalin's USSR

Unit 1
Year 9 History trip to Ypres in Belgium will take place during this half term

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