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At Salendine Nook High School we believe that Geography has a very important role to play in the education of our students. It will help them to develop a better understanding of the world they live in and help them to appreciate the impact that people have on their environment and the responsibilities we have towards it.

The Geography curriculum continues to undergo changes in response to the changing needs of society in which our pupils live. The department at Salendine Nook High School is committed to adopt an active enquiry approach to investigation (that encourages questioning and critical thinking) such that students become confident learning inside and outside the classroom.

globe rotating"Geography is one of those richly comprehensive subjects whose relevance is all around us.

Where we come from, what we do, what we eat, how we move about, how we shape our future are all directly the province of the geographer.

More than ever we need the  geographer’s skills and foresight to help us learn about our planet.

How we use how we abuse it."

Michael Palin


  • Stimulate interest, enjoyment and a sense of wonder about the world’s places and environments
  • Help students build on their own experiences to help investigate places at all scales, from personal to global.
  • Develop an understanding of location from local to global
  • Introduce and help explain how places and landscapes are formed
  • Introduce and explain how people and their environment interact, and how economies, societies and environments are interconnected.
  • Incorporate an active enquiry approach to investigation (that encourages questioning and critical thinking) such that students become confident learning inside and outside the classroom
  • Include fieldwork as an essential element of geographical study that also makes a major contribution to helping students live safe, healthy lives
  • Involve students in using maps, visual images and new technologies, including GIS, as essential and creative tools for geographical study
  • Encourage students to develop confidence in their own abilities and pride in their contribution to society
  • Inspire students to become global citizens, with all the responsibility and commitment to people and the planet it implies
  • Encourage students to develop a range of knowledge and skills that will provide a foundation for future study and a preparation for employment or higher education


Year 7 – Local fieldtrip around SN (My Space). Castleton (Adventure Landscapes).
Year 8 – Local crime field visits (Geography of Crime). Chester Zoo (Endangered Species)
GCSE – Holderness coastline (Coasts) and Castleton/Blackpool (Tourism).

Fairtrade Fortnight

We will be raising awareness of Fairtrade over the next two weeks in school by:

- serving a selection of Fairtrade food in the canteen- running a Fairtrade tuck shop in the foyer every break and lunchtime
- selling raffle tickets for a Fairtrade hamper consisting of chocolate, biscuits, sweets and an Easter egg
- running a Year 7 Fairtrade food label collage competition. This will be judged by the Fairtrade Student Group in the second week. Entries to the geography department by Wednesday 7th March
- learning about Fairtrade in lessons and assembly
- making pledges and taking action for Fairtrade

Please click here to view the canteen menu.

A big thank you in advance for your support over the next 2 weeks!!

 The Fairtrade Group

Fairtrade Prize

Chester Zoo

TripIn November, year 8 Geographers went on a full day excursion to Chester Zoo to start their new topic “Can the Earth Cope?”.

At the zoo, pupils aimed to see as many endangered species as possible to learn about their environment and the reasons why so many species are facing the threat of extinction. Despite the cold, pupils behaved impeccably and which made for a great day seeing the animals, especially the new baby orang-utan and baby elephant. 

The Geography department would like to thank all year 8 pupils for their brilliant behaviour which was picked up on by some of the zoo keepers.

Fairtrade Meeting

There is a Fairtrade group meeting which takes place every Wednesday lunchtime in SG3


GCSE Geography Revision

GCSE Revision is on Mondays after school in SG3 & Wednesdays before school in SG2.


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