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Creative Writing Club

As well as running external competitions we also hope to continue to have internal competitions with the opportunity to create winning creative pieces, into a common-craft stop-motion mini film.

Overall, this session promotes students to remain enthusiastic and eager when writing at length for pleasure and provides extra-curricular basis for enhancing their control of their writing to consciously craft language and literature.

A Magical Toy shop – Inspired by clips from J.K. Rowlings ‘Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes’ and Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

Student examples:

"The door swung open, revealing a well-lit heaven,. Toy planes flew over my head, and little soldiers marched into my feet, firing miniscule guns at each other. A chocolate chandelier hung proudly from the patterned roof, yet emitted no light. I turned, and grinned at the glowing gummi bear lamp. I yelled in a mixture of shock and awe, as it lifted its yellow paw and waved at me. WOW!"

Thomas Curtis 7B

"Stumbling out of the small clock-work box, came a small cat. It was a dark blue colour almost navy… but that wasn’t the strangest thing, oh no! What was particularly strange was the bright red top-hat and the yellow and blue spotted bow tie. The… cat… (as that was all I could think to call it) leapt from shelf to shelf around the room, I couldn’t believe my eyes; all seemingly ordinary objects had miraculously sprang into seemingly extraordinary objects. The miraculous thing: only the objects that were touched by the cat had changed. Caught unware by all the things going on around me, I failed to notice the navy “cat”, now somehow balancing precariously on a unicycle, rolling towards and sneaking up on me…"

Nova Smith 9G

 "He whipped his head around; had that bear just moved? The shop was bursting with life. It was impossible to see any of the polished wooden shelves that were laden with toys. Charlie was looking for something for his brother, something special. There was a single bear left on the barely-visible top shelf. It had bright, shiny, beady eyes. It was looking at him intently. No. He shook his head. It was merely facing in his direction. Anyway, Charlie wasn’t looking for ab ear. Charlie wanted something… spectacular! He pushed his way through the gaggle of giggling girls and the crowd of chattering children and reached a cluttered display.

On it were the large luminous letters: “GIFTS”. Charlie scrutinized the display, peering at the array of brightly coloured plastic, something moved. Again. A pink, fluffy dog wagged it’s shaggy tail hopefully. No. Surely not?"

Zainab Khalid 9J

Harry Potter Club

As of the 16th November 2015, students are reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and are eager to begin the magical journey alongside Harry at his new magic school – Hogwarts. There might even be potential for students to have a fantastical opportunity to go behind the scenes at Warner Bros. Studios, London….


Student voice for Creative Writing Club:

"In creative writing club we can write whatever we want. We can draft horror and sci-fi stories. I enjoy creative writing club because my imagination runs wild. We have written about our own magic toyshop and created our own short stories."

"The creative writing club is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to improve or those who enjoy writing."

"I really enjoy creative writing club. It opens many doors for young bidding writers. We have entered lots of writing competitions that gives us the chance to have our writing published into a book."

"We learn about successfully writing short and long story variations. In addition, we are allowed to have the freedom to write whatever we want and let our creativity flow. Everyone in the club is passionate and positive. Creative writing club is the highlight of my week!"


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