Shakespeare Festival

shakey in shadesWe have been working on a focus of Shakespeare over the last half-term in KS3 English, Y9 Media Studies, KS3 and Y9 Drama, and in Music. This is to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the birth of the Bard in April. Alongside our classroom studies in performance, creative writing and close textual reading, we also intend to showcase the work of the students in displays, on the school website and in a Shakespeare Festival evening on the 7th of April.
We are therefore inviting you to join us in Salendine Hall at 7pm so we can all ‘brush up our Shakespeare.’
The event is free, and tickets are available on the door, so don’t be late as it should be great! Items include performance poetry, dance, modern interpretations and video media, something for everyone from our very talented students. In addition to the live performances, we are also showcasing more media-based and art work on the website at
‘Once more unto the breech, dear friends!’
Yours sincerely,

AJ Glover [Drama]                J Power [HOD Performing Arts]               K Dobbins [HOD English]

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