Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team prides itself on being a champion for pupils with additional needs, whatever these may be. The team make sure that any reasonable adjustments are made for children with disabilities and learning difficulties.

shampshawThis team is managed by Mrs S Hampshaw, SENCO who is the person you should contact if your child has any difficulty with learning. She teaches and also works with staff to make sure your child receives the right education and is happy across school. Mrs Hampshaw meetings regularly with primary schools so knows about children who need some extra help before they arrive at Salendine Nook.


Teachers in Foundation Learning


          jsmith      RC

             Mr J Smith           Miss R Cartledge                                                                                                                                                                               

Below are the specialist ETAs


  • Mrs Taylor
  • Ms Saira
  • Mrs Swallow
  • Miss Abram
  • Mrs Turner
  • Mr Ford
  • Mr Plunkett
  • Miss Berry
  • Miss Francis
  • Mr Bradley

They work with different groups of children and deal with any needs in the classroom.


aquinlanMrs A Quinlan is our SEN staff manager who supports the team. She is often the person who contacts parents and arranges meetings. She deals with ‘the nuts and bolts’ of Special Needs and is able to help with any questions you might have. Some children are entitled to have support for exams and Mrs Quinlan is responsible for making sure that this is in place.





Pupil Support Team

Many children go through times when they find it difficult to handle their emotions and this can be seen in school in different ways, such as anger and frustration. The Pupil Support Team focus on supporting children to find ways of dealing with their emotions, friendship and relationships with staff.



The team is led by Mr D Fearon, Head of Pupil Support and is the person you should contact if your child has any difficulty with behaviour.

Each Head of Year tracks their year group to see if children are getting negative comments in lessons or social times. If your child is seen to be struggling with behaving in school they might be referred to Pupil Support for some help.



D Moroney 1          R Hunte 

Mr D Moroney and Miss R Hunte are the Student Support Workers who work with children referred to the Student Support Unit.

Intervention Team

 The Intervention Team prides itself on being a champion for students who are in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding. The main focus of their work is to support students who are struggling to cope at school, particularly in terms of keeping up with the core subjects of Maths, English and Science.

The team make sure that students who are dropping behind in these areas are given support either in lessons or before and after school. 

 V Ryan

This team is managed by Mrs Victoria Ryan


V Ryan

  N Tetley   J Wielgus     V Broughton   C Griffin  

Mrs V Ryan
Senior Learning

Miss N Tetley
Learning Mentor

Miss J Wielgus
Learning Mentor


Miss V Broughton
Learning Mentor

Miss C Griffin
Literacy ETA



Contact Details

We can be contacted by
phone25Phone- 01484 657541 Please ask for Mrs S Hampshaw, Mr D Fearon or Mrs A Quinlan
mailEmail- office.snhs.kirklees.sch.uk 

If you have further questions or a complaint, please contact Mrs S Johnson in the first instance. She is the Assistant Head of Inclusion at Salendine Nook and would want to know if you had a problem that could not be resolved.

The Governor at school with responsibility for Additional Needs is to be appointed and they also can be contacted via the school number



School SEN Offer

Welcome to Salendine Nook High Academy’s Additional Needs pages. We enter a new era with the introduction of the Children’s Act 2014.

We want your child to do well and enjoy their time at school but understand that children sometimes need extra help. We provide first class support to some 150 pupils on our database and want them to be fully involved in the life of Salendine Nook High.


This section of the website is to tell you what we can offer your child. We work very hard to support children in different ways. We have a Learning Support Team who focus on children who need help with their English, Maths and other learning issues and a Pupil Support Team who focus children who might need help with friendships and behaviour. Sometimes both teams are involved in helping a child.

What you can expect from us

As parents and carers you can expect the Additional Needs Team to:

  • Listen to points you raise and worries about your child
  • Regular meetings, how often will depend on how much help your child needs.
  • An Additional Needs Plan if they need one, which will show what their needs are and how the can be addressed
  • Come and speak to you if you come to Reception if you need to speak to someone urgently
  • Monitor and track how your child is doing and feed this back, via a phone call or written report

Different ways we support you child/ren

Your child could be supported in different ways and we might:

  • Support in-class for children with Statements or EHCs
  • Work one-to-one with your child outside of the classroom
  • Teach in a small group
  • Check where they are in their learning journey through test and assessments
  • Talk to specialists if your child needs more support from outside school
  • Make sure your child has the right tools and resources for each lesson
  • Mentoring
  • Behaviour Support Plans
  • Be a voice for your child
  • Work with other professionals
  • Help your child make the right choices
  • Work with you to help your child when they are struggling
  • Communicate on a daily basis through a home/school book
  • Make a plan with your child’s primary school to help them deal with the change of school
  • Work with Connexions to help your child settle into college and prepare for adulthood
  • Support your child on a school trip so that they feel safe and included in all activities

What children say about support at Salendine Nook

P is a Year 11 girl. She has been supported by Pupil Support Unit for about two years at different times.


Feeder School Offers

The following Infant and Junior schools are in our Pyramid. You can see their offers of SEN by following the links.

Reinwood InfantsLink

Reinwood JuniorsLink

Lindley InfantsLink

Lindley JuniorsLink

Moorlands PrimaryLink

Assessment & Exam arrangements

 Assessment & Exam arrangements click here



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